Sunday, October 22, 2017

Some recent photos from around the industry.

September 2017

0917 Gallery GOLA Meeting Access Transportation
L to R: GOLA President Isaac Hernandez of Access Transportation, CD Show pass winner Ivy Davis of 2extreme Transportation, and CD Director of Events Jess Pavlow
0917 Gallery NELA Golf Outing Chris Weiss Arthur Messina
L to R: Carl Haley of Grand Avenue Worldwide, Kevin Illingworth of Classique Worldwide Transportation, CD Publisher Chris Weiss, and Arthur Messina of Create-A-Card/Driving Results
0917 Gallery VLA Meeting Bill Kerr Paul Walsh
Bill Kerr of Camry Limousine (left) and VLA President Paul Walsh of Superior Executive Limousine
0917 Gallery NELA Golf Outing Chris Weiss Joe Casey Mercedes
Chauffeur Driven Publisher Chris Weiss (left) and Joe Casey of Mercedes-Benz of Shrewsbury
0917 Gallery NELA Golf Outing Lynda Saitta Brittni Kirk
NELA Secretary Lynda Saitta of Momentum Drives (left) and Brittni Kirk of All Points Limousine
0917 Gallery NELA Golf Outing Industry Peeps
Members of the industry traveled from throughout the country to support NELA's annual golf outing
0917 Gallery ALA Casino Night Driver Provider
Jason and Kendra Kaplan of The Driver Provider
0917 Gallery UPTAPA First Meeting
Supporters from throughout Pennsylvania and nearby regions came out for UPTAPA's first Philadelphia-area meeting since its inception

August 2017

0817 Gallery TLPA Meeting Al Lagasse
TLPA CEO Al LaGasse (second from right) and President Bill Scalzi speak with elected officials on behalf of the association
0817 Gallery NELA Meeting Scott Solombrino
L to R: Zach Solombrino of Dav El/BostonCoach, Tom Quill of Royale, and Scott Solombrino of Dav El/BostonCoach
0817 Gallery VLA Paul Walsh Harold Berkman Fund
L to R: VLA President Paul Walsh of Superior Executive Transportation, VLA Membership Chairperson Barry Gross of Reston Limousine, VLA Executive Director Philip Jagiela, Gary Buffo of Pure Luxury Transportation, and Sarah Tunner of The Doorways Between Healing and Home
0817 Gallery TLPA Meeting Legislators
TLPA members met with legislators in Washington, D.C., in June

July 2017

0717 Gallery NLA Bastain Rodney Davis Illinois
Congressman Rodney Davis of Illinois (center) with (L to R) Javaid Chaudhry of NYG Limousine, Wendy Kleefisch of Brevard Executive Limousine, Ryan Hilberth of, and David Bastian of Towne Livery (NLA 0717)
0717 Gallery NLA Seantor Jeanne Shaheen
New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen with (L to R) Mike Campbell of Grace Limousine, Scott Solombrino of Dav El/BostonCoach, and New England Livery Association Executive Director Rick Szilagyi (NLA 0717)
0717 Gallery NLA Laura Canady
Laura Canaday of CLT Express (left) and Lauren Carter of SC Express (NLA 0717)
0717 Gallery NLA Occidental Seafood Grill
NLA members came together during dinner at Occidental Seafood & Grill (NLA 0717)
0717 Gallery NLA Ny Opps
L to R: Barry Gross of Reston Limousine, Brian O’Neill of Grech Motors, Glenn Stafford of Love Limousine, John Oulton of Richmond Limousine, VLA President Paul Walsh of Superior Executive Transportation, and Tony Simon of Reston Limousine (NLA 0717)
0717 Gallery NLA Rutter Buffo Greene
L to R: Dawson Rutter of Commonwealth Worldwide, Gary Buffo of Pure Luxury Transportation, and Jeff Greene of Greene Worldwide Transportation (NLA 0717)
0717 Gallery UPTAPA Meeting
L to R: Louis Weiner of All Star Worldwide Transportation, Michael Barreto of Eagle Chauffeured Services, Philip Jagiela, and Douglas Rydbom of Premiere #1 Limousine (UPTAPA 0717)
0717 Gallery GCLA Meeting
The new GCLA meeting format aims to strengthen its members’ sense of community (GCLA 0717)

June 2017

0617 Gallery BCAC attendees
Attendees of the May 17 BCAC meeting. (BCAC 0617)
0617 CFLA charity
The CFLA kicked off its Cans For a Cause initiative with its May 9 meeting. (CFLA 0617)
0617 Gallery LANJ group
L to R: Pete Corelli of Lakeview Custom Coach, Barb Chirico of Gem Limousine Worldwide, Tim Rose of Flyte Tyme Worldwide, Jason Sharenow of Broadway Elite Chauffeured Services Worldwide, Jim Moseley, Bob Schiavo of Albert’s Transportation, and Jon Epstein of Royal Coachman Worldwide. (LANJ 0617)
0617 Gallery ILA Tracy Raimer and Kathy Kahne
Tracy Raimer and Kathy Kahne. (ILA 0617)
0617 Gallery LANJ Daniel Arias and Rob Smentek
Daniel Arias of DLA Executive Limousine and CD Editor Rob Smentek. (LANJ 0617)
0617 Gallery CFLA Mary Elmahdi and Jess Pavlow
CD Director of Events Jess Pavlow (right) with winner of the 2017 CD Show pass, Mary Elmahdi of Noble Transportation & Limousines. (CFLA 0617)
0617 Gallery LANJ Philip Jagiela and Jason Sharenow
Philip Jagiela and Jason Sharenow. (LANJ 0617)
0617 Gallery ILA
(ILA 0617)

May 2017

0517 Gallery MLA Philip Jagiela, Joann Fridinger and Michael Greene
L to R: CD Industry & Brand Ambassador Philip Jagiela, MLA Vice President Joanna Fridinger of The Limo Lady, and MLA President Michael Greene of A Platinum Plus Limousine (MLA 0517)
0517 Gallery LANJ Jess Pavlow and Henry Buitrago
CD Director of Events Jess Pavlow and 2017 CD Show pass winner Henry Buitrago of Blueprint Premium Worldwide Ground Transportation (LANJ 0517)
0517 Gallery VLA Philip Jagiela and Barry Gross
Philip Jagiela (left) with Barry Gross of Reston Limousine, who won a pass to the 2017 CD Show in Orlando. (VLA 0517)
0517 Gallery WFLA board
Members of the WFLA board include (L to R): Treasurer Blaze Basevic of President Limousine and Sedan Service, Secretary Justin Nystedt of Crowd Pleaser Limos, President Jeremy Jenkins of His & Hers Limousines, and Directors Matt Clemens of PIC Insurance, and Ryan Hilberth of Rental Limo/ (WFLA 0517)
0517 Gallery LANJ George Jacobs and Jason Sharenow
Guest speaker George Jacobs of Windy City Limousine (left) and LANJ President Jason Sharenow of Broadway Elite Chauffeured Services Worldwide (LANJ 0517)
0517 Gallery MLOA
Members of MLOA accept a rebate check from Chosen Payments (L to R): Secretary Regina Goff of A Goff Limousine & Bus Company, 1st Vice President Darrell Anderson of A-National Limousine, Treasurer Travis Latham of Fellowship Fleet, President Maurice Brewster of Mosaic Global Transportation, Jim Luff of Chosen Payments, and Marketing and Association Brand Ambassador Philip Jagiela (MLOA 0517)
0517 Gallery VLA Paul Walsh and Philip Jagiela
VLA President Paul Walsh of Superior Executive Service (left) and Executive Director/CD Industry & Brand Ambassador Philip Jagiela. (VLA 0517)
0517 Gallery NELA Tina Benson
NELA 2nd Vice President Tina Benson of L.A. Limousine learns about PAX Training at the DATTCO Expo (NELA 0517)

April 2017

0417 Gallery Nla Lane Davel Rick Szilagyi Nela Cantwell MV 1
L to R: John Lane from Dav El/BostonCoach, NELA Executive Director Rick Szilagyi, and Laurie Cantwell from MV-1 (NELA 0417)
0417 Gallery Uma CD Roberts And Dickson Irizar
CD Business Development Manager Rickie Roberts and Chad Dickson of Irizar (UMA 0417)
0417 Gallery Uma Davis Candeub Devlin Simon
L to R: Todd Davis of Premier Transportation, Alan Candeub of Park Avenue Limousine, Eric Devlin of Premier Transportation, and Tony Simon of Reston Limousines (UMA 0417)
0417 Gallery Uma Jackson And Tomkins Awash Systems
Jack Jackson and Michelle Tomkins of Awash Systems (UMA 0417)
0417 Gallery Uma Jess Pavow And Vic Parra
CD Director of Events Jess Pavlow with UMA President and CEO Vic Parra (UMA 0417)
0417 Gallery Uma Matthews Lee Blue Bird Corp
Matt Matthews (left) and Richard Lee of Blue Bird Corporation (UMA 0417)
0417 Gallery Uma Mci Peeps
L to R: Ron Miller, Robert Lessor, and Brad Noeske of MCI (UMA 0417)
0417 Gallery Uma Shaffer And Veranchtert Caleche
Dennis Shaffer (left) and Robin Veranchtert of Caleche (UMA 0417)

March 2017

0317 Gallery CFLA Vendor Board Member Ryan Hilberth 17
The association embraced its February 14 meeting date with a Valentine’s Day theme (CFLA 0317)
0317 Gallery CFLA Wendy Kleefisch Ryan Hilberth 17
CFLA President Wendy Kleefisch of Brevard Executive Limousines and CFLA Vendor Director Ryan Hilberth of Rental Limo/ (CFLA 0317)
0317 Gallery GCLA Board Of Directors 17
L to R: GCLA Director Mo Garkani of Continental ­Limousine, GCLA Treasurer Rick Buell of Diva Limousine, Carlos Garcia of Carlos Transportation Service, and GCLA Director Raphael Sousa of SF Limo Express (GCLA 0317)
0317 Gallery GCLA Board Organizational Meeting 17
Members of the GCLA board with CD Industry & Brand Ambassador Philip Jagiela (center left) during the organizational meeting (GCLA 0317)
0317 Gallery VLA Sponsor Claude Cristea 17
Meeting sponsor Claude Cristea of Williamsburg Chauffeur Service (VLA 0317)
0317 Gallery GBTA New Jersey 17
L to R: Michael Baker of BTN Group, Jon Epstein, Diane Perretti, John Wohlleber, and Zack Austin (GBTA 0317)
0317 Gallery Premier Transportation Dallas Profile 17
Premier Transportation of Dallas management team, including: President Eric Devlin (Premier Profile 0317)

February 2017

0217 Gallery ABA 1 Pres Peter Pantuso
ABA President Peter Pantuso (ABA 0217)
0217 Gallery ABA 2 Group Premier
(ABA 0217)
0217 Gallery BCAC 1 Guy Palumbo
BCAC Communications and Social Media Specialist Jason Fromberg (left) and BCAC Driver Education and Outreach Manager Guy Palumbo (BCAC 0217)
0217 Gallery BCAC 2 Berj Haroutunian
BCAC President Berj Haroutunian (BCAC 0217)
0217 Gallery BCAC 3 Ira Goldstein
BCAC Executive Director Ira Goldstein (BCAC 0217)
0217 Gallery BCAC 4 Matt Daus
Matt Daus of Windels Marx (BCAC 0217)
0217 Gallery CFLA 1 Large Group
(CFLA 0217)
0217 Gallery LANJ 1 Group
L to R: Billy Placier of MusicExpress, Brett Barenholtz of Boston Car, Brian O’Neill of Grech Motors, Richard Doherty of EmpireCLS, Christian Stockholm of New Jersey Limo Finder, Joe Gulino of Gem Limousine Worldwide, and Alan Candeub of Park Avenue Limousines (LANJ 0217)
0217 Gallery LANJ 2 Chris Weiss Jon Epstein
CD Publisher Chris Weiss (left) and LANJ !st Vice President and Treasurer Jon Epstein of Royal Coachman Worldwide (LANJ 0217)
0217 Gallery LANJ 3 Eric Coolbaugh Billy Reitman
Eric Coolbaugh of Access Commercial Capital (left) and Billy Reitman of Intek Auto Leasing (LANJ 0217)
0217 Gallery LANJ 5 Jason Sharenow Chriss Weiss
(LANJ 0217)
0217 Gallery LILA 1 Executive Board
The LILA executive board (LILA 0217)
0217 Gallery LILA 2 Chris Cannella Madeleine Maccar Cert Winner
CD Editor Madeleine Maccar with CD Show pass winner Chris Cannella of Concord Limousine Services/Krystal Bus Tours (LILA 0217)
0217 Gallery LILA 3 Robert Macdonald Award Winner
L to R: Award winner Robert MacDonald of Broward Limousine with LILA President Bill Goerl of Clique Limousines and LILA 2nd Vice President Matt Silver of Ultimate Class Limousines (LILA 0217)
0217 Gallery LILA 5 Sergio Sanchez
(LILA 0217)
0217 Gallery LILA 6 Arthur And Kathy Messina
Arthur and Kathy Messina (LILA 0217)

January 2017

0117 Gallery ALA 1 Group
Members of the ALA board. (ALA 0117)
0117 Gallery ALA 2 Cert Winners
L to R: ALA Director Billy Jinks of JET Limousines, CD Publisher Chris Weiss, ALA Director Keith Clifton of Desert Knights Sedans and Limousines, and ALA President Jeff Conly of Vitesse Worldwide (ALA 0117)
0117 Gallery CLA 1 Black Cars
CD Industry & Brand Ambassador Philip Jagiela (left) with Eight Black Cars’ Rachael Strong and Simon Chen, winner of a CD Show pass (CLA 0117)
0117 Gallery GCLA 1 Leaders
Members of the GCLA board (GCLA 0117)
0117 Gallery GCLA 2 Peeps Vehicles
L to R: Steve Walsh, Maria Prado, Art Salazar, Katie Martinez, and Branden Anderson of Chosen Payments (GCLA 0117)
0117 Gallery GCLA 3 Mary Suit
L to R: Maria Shoenrock of Total Luxury Limousine, Tony Grigorian of Advanced Limousines, and Mary Johnson of The Driver Provider (GCLA 0117)
0117 Gallery GCLA 4 Madeleine
Katie Martinez of Chosen Payments (left) and CD Editor Madeleine Maccar (GCLA 0117)
0117 Gallery GCLA 5 Fun Group
Party-goers at the GCLA annual meeting (GCLA 0117)
0117 Gallery GCLA 6 Peeps
L to R: Harry Sargsyan of Los Angeles Limousine Service, Mike Sargsyan of Anytime Limousine, and Mike Kusner of Wilshire Limousine (GCLA 0117)
0117 Gallery GOLA 1 102
The GOLA board (L to R): Lew Robbins of Advantage Funding, Al Castagna of Quick Transportation, Ed Alonzo of Corporate Worldwide Transportation, Sophie Dubuget of Hot Rayz Limousines, Isaac Hernandez of Super Shuttle, Marlene Levin of Sweetwater Limousine, and Cliff Wright of Royal Coach and Limousine (GOLA 0117)
0117 Gallery HALCA 1 Stage Group
Members of the HALCA board (HALCA 0117)
0117 Gallery HALCA 2 Jess Ryan
L to R: CD Director of Events Jess Pavlow, Ryan Hilberth of RentalLimo, and HALCA President Ismail Abed of LaBreese Limousines (HALCA 0117)
0117 Gallery HALCA 3 Nikkos
Matt (left) and Nikko Assolin of Nikko’s WW Chauffeured Service (HALCA 0117)
0117 Gallery NELA 1 Lrg Group
CD Editor Rob Smentek (second from left) with members of the NELA board (NELA 0117)
0117 Gallery NELA 2 Peeps
L to R: NELA Executive Director Rick Szilagyi of Lexian Management, David Prewitt of Able Limousine, NELA Director Jason Dornhoffer of United Private Car, and NELA 1st Vice President Andrew Tighe of Tristar Worldwide (NELA 0117)
0117 Gallery NELA 3 Mark Mollica
Bill Wass of Boston Attitude, and Mark Mollica of Black Tie Limousine Worldwide (NELA 0117)
0117 Gallery NELA 4 Basket
Rose Sariol of Center Insurance (NELA 0117)
0117 Gallery NELA 5 Scott
The Dav El/BostonCoach team (L to R): Lisa Censullo, Zachary Solombrino, Peter Herman, Amira Kastrati, and Scott Solombrino (NELA 0117)
0117 Gallery NELA 6 Checks
NELA presents two checks to the CFF (L to R): Pam Simms-Spitzer of CFF, Tami Saccoccio of Commonwealth Worldwide, Karen Kelly of CFF, and NELA President Mike Callahan of Able Limousine (NELA 0117)
0117 Gallery PRLA 1 Board
Members of the PRLA board (L to R): Treasurer Chris Haines of Michaels Classic Limousine, President Steve Rhoads of Rhoads Limousine, Director Anthony Onorata of Anthony Limousine, and Vice President Robert Euler of King Limousine (PRLA 0117)
0117 Gallery PRLA 3 Cert Winner
PRLA Director and winner of a pass to the 2017 CD Show Anthony Onorata of Anthony Limousine (left) with CD Editor Rob Smentek (PRLA 0117)
0117 Gallery PRLA 4 DSC0451
The Salingers of Unique Limousine (L to R): Josie, Jim, and Tracy, with Tracy’s husband Fred Long (PRLA 0117)
0117 Gallery TACT 1 Large Group
Members of TACT (TACT 0117)
0117 Gallery VLA 1 Group Wide
Above L to R: Zulfi Abbasi and Afzaal Iqbal of American Executive Services, Matt Simmons of Georgetown Insurance, Tony Simon of Reston Limousine, and John Oultan of Richmond Limousine (VLA 0117)

December 2016

1216 Gallery Lanj 1
L to R: Jason Gogel of MyLimo, Brett Barenholtz of Boston Car Service/Above All Transportation, Jon Epstein of Royal Coachman Worldwide, and Anthony Azara of Touch of Class Limousine (LANJ 1216)
1216 Gallery Lanj 2
LANJ President Jason Sharenow of Broadway Elite Worldwide with Sarah McKee of Chosen Payments (LANJ 1216)
1216 Gallery Lanj 3
Pat Charla of DriveProfit and Arthur Messina of Create-A-Card were the ­meeting’s featured panelists (LANJ 1216)
1216 Gallery Ppta 1
L to R: Louis Weiner of All Star Worldwide Transportation, Michael Barreto of Flyte Tyme Worldwide, Philip Jagiela of PALM Association Management and Consulting, and Douglas Rydbom of Premiere #1 Limousine (PPTA 1216)
1216 Gallery Tlpa 1
TLPA Immediate Past President Dwight Kines of Transdev (left) and 2016-2017 TLPA President Bill Scalzi of Metro Taxi (TLPA 1216)
1216 Gallery Tlpa 2
Members of the Advantage Funding team (L to R): Dan Morgan, Kristian McCausland, and Peter Heber (TLPA 1216)
1216 Gallery Tlpa 3
L to R: Craig Hall, Dave Edmunds, and Mike Massey of ­Ford-Lincoln Limousine and Livery (TLPA 1216)
1216 Gallery Tlpa 5
Tran Minh Hang and Victor Ngo of QUp World (TLPA 1216)
1216 Gallery Tlpa 6
CD Director of Events Jess Pavlow with TLPA’s Immediate Past President Dwight Kines of Transdev (left) and CEO Al LaGasse (TLPA 1216)
1216 Gallery Tlpa 7
Michelle Tomkins and Jack Jackson of Awash Systems (TLPA 1216)
1216 Gallery Tlpa 8
Lucy Singer and Paul Zizzo of RRL Insurance (TLPA 1216)
1216 Gallery Tlpa 9
Jenny Ladner of Mercedes-Benz Vans and Jim Cermak of Smartliner (TLPA 1216)

November 2016

GALA Hosts Record-Breaking Charity Golf Outing Raises $10K for CHOA
L to R: Jeff Larocco, Josh Stanley, Bob Graham, and Hugh Morrow with their trophies and GALA Director Bill Devine of Bluebird Limousine (GALA 1116)
1116 Gallery Gala 2 Carey Golf
The Carey Atlanta team (L to R): Dennis DeLoatch, Barry Childree, Ryan DeLoatch, Tom Nelson, and Norman Allen (GALA 1116)
1116 Gallery Gala 3 Charity Check
Rachel Cowart of Enterprise Rent-a-Car, GALA President Jeff Greene of Greene Worldwide Transportation, Dave Winokur of Children’s Healthcare, GALA Treasurer Fred Rich of Olympus Worldwide, and GALA Vice President Chad Casey of Casey Corporate Transportation (GALA 1116)
1116 Gallery Gala 4 Northpoint
GALA members visit to North Point’s facility before the golf outing (GALA 1116)
1116 Gallery Gala 5 Atlantic
L to R: Arthur Messina, Hoss Oskouie of Atlantic Limousine and Transportation, Mike Campbell, Scott Tyler, Matt Smallwood, Chris Weiss, and Sami Elotmani at Atlantic’s garage (GALA 1116)
1116 Gallery Gala 6 Olympus
L to R: Matt Smallwood, Arthur Messina, Johan DeLeeuw of Olympus Worldwide Chauffeured Services, Scott Tyler, Jessica Rich Buckles, Chris Weiss, Mike Campbell, Sami Elotmani, and Fred Rich of Olympus Worldwide Chauffeured Services at the Olympus office (GALA 1116)
1116 Gallery Gala 7 Certificate Winner
CD 2016 Show pass winner Kirkley Hennessy (left) and Haley McDaniel of Hennessy Transportation with Chris Weiss (GALA 1116)
1116 Gallery Gala 8 Fred Rich Olympus
L to R: GALA Treasurer Fred Rich Olympus Worldwide Chauffeured Services and Vice President Chad Casey of Casey Corporate Transportation, both of whom are on the gold committee, with President Jeff Greene of Greene Worldwide Transportation (GALA 1116)
1116 Gallery Gala 9 Grace Limo
Scott Tyler of EcoStyle Chauffeured Transportation, Christina Davis of The LMC Group, and Mike Campbell of Grace Limousine (GALA 1116)
1116 Gallery Lanj 1 Vendor Day
The day included a vendor panel featuring (L to R) LANJ Second Vice President Jeff Brodsly of Chosen Payments, Mark Leddy of Cadillac Professional Vehicles, Chris McCrae of Karhoo, and Richard Ackerman of P.A. Post Agency (LANJ 1116)
1116 Gallery Lanj 2 Vendor Day
L to R: CD Business Development Manager Rickie Roberts, Philip Jagiela, winner of the 2016 CD Show pass Beverly Armstead of Execu-Car of New Jersey, and LANJ President Jason Sharenow of Broadway Elite (LANJ 1116)
1116 Gallery Lila Event Presidents
L to R: LILA President Bill Goerl of Clique Limousines, guest speaker Joe Marotta of The Whitmore Group, and LILA Immediate Past President Robert Cunningham of Platinum Limousines (LILA 1116)
1116 Gallery Mloa Brewster Cd Show
MLOA President Maurice Brewster of Mosaic Global Transportation (MLOA 1116)
1116 Gallery Prla Event Day On The Hill
The PRLA legislative committee participated in a Day in the Hill in Harrisburg, Pa. (PRLA 1116)
1116 Gallery Vla Board
Members of the VLA board with the meeting’s guest speakers. (VLA 1116)
Representatives from the VLA meeting’s many sponsors. (VLA 1116)