Sunday, November 18, 2018

Some recent photos from around the industry.

July 2018

Gallery 0718 PRLA John Arone Jason Sharenow
John Arone of HUB International (left) and LANJ President Jason Sharenow of Broadway Elite Worldwide (PRLA0718)
Gallery 0718 MLA Board 2018 Peeps
Pres. Gary Day of American Limos, VP Michael Greene of A Platinum Plus Limos, and Treasurer Anthony Shoats of Xquisite Transportation. Front row (L to R): Joanna Fridinger of The Limo Lady, Secretary & Membership Chair Kimberly Klein of Lasting Impressions Limousine Service, and Kim Little of First Choice Transp. (MLA0718)
Gallery 0718 NELA Andrew Tighe Peeps
L to R: NELA 1st Vice President Andrew Tighe of Tristar WW, Secretary Lynda Saitta of Momentum Drives, and Director Wayne Cipullo of RiverWoods Exeter (NELA0718)
Gallery 0718 CFLA One Heart For Women
One Heart for Women and Children President Stephanie Bowman (second from left, front row) with some of the volunteers distributing the CFLA’s Cans for a Cause donations (CFLA0718)

June 2018

Gallery 0618 ILA Meeting
Sarah McKee of Chosen Payments and Rene Martinez of Grech Motors (ILA0618)
Gallery 0618 NLA Director Kevin Illingworth Day on the Hill
L to R: NLA Director Kevin Illingworth of Classique Limousines, Isaac Hernandez of Access Transportation, Douglas Rydbom of Premiere #1 Limousine, and Carl Restivo of Access Commercial Capital and United Leasing (NLA0618)
Gallery 0618 CFLA One Heart for Women and Children
L to R: CFLA President Wendy Kleefisch of Brevard Executive Limousine, Stephanie Bowman of One Heart for Women and Children, and CFLA Vendor Director Ryan Hilberth of (CFLA0618)
Gallery 0618 LANJ Fundraising Auction
L to R: LANJ Executive Director Patty Nelson, LANJ PAC Chair Peter Corelli of Lakeview Custom Coach, and Barry Trabb of Complete Fleet Livery Sales (LANJ0618)
Gallery 0618 LANJ CD Editor Rob Smentek Fundraising Auction
Denise Cali of J&J Luxury Transportation and CD Editor Rob Smentek (LANJ0618)
Gallery 0618 NLA Day on the Hill Windy City Peeps
L to R: Kathy Kahne and George Jacobs of Windy City Limousine, Bill Faeth of Limo University, Todd Roberts of JACO Limousine & Transportation, ILA President Tracy Raimer of Windy City Limousine, and Nick Lopez of JACO Limousine & Transportation (NLA0618)
Gallery 0618 CFLA Charity Auction
Fernando Carlison of Mundi Limousine (left) and Lenin Fraga of American Transportation & Limo Services (CFLA0618)
Gallery 0618 LANJ Director Howard Gogel and peeps
L to R: LANJ Director Howard Gogel of My Limousine Service, Jon Epstein of Royal Coachman Worldwide, Brett Barenholtz of Boston Car/Above All Transportation, LANJ Directors CD Publisher Chris Weiss, Joe Gulino of Gem Limousine, and Tim Rose of Addison Lee, and Barbara Chirico of Gem Limousine (LANJ0618)

May 2018

Gallery 0518 LANJ Jeff Brodsly Doug Schwartz
Jeff Brodsly of Chosen Payments (left) and Douglas Schwartz of Executive Limousine (LANJ0518)
Gallery 0518 VLA Paul Walsh Superior Executive Transportation
L to R: Eric Ampedu and Mia Bowden of D.C. Department of For-Hire Vehicles and VLA President Paul Walsh of Superior Executive Transportation (VLA0518)
Gallery 0518 CLA Capital Building
L to R: John Hafer of A Custom Coach Transportation, Jorge Sanchez of Hermes Worldwide, and CLA Secretary Jeremiah Kidane of Ambassadors Limo recently spent a day at the Colorado Capital Building working with legislators on pending bills that affect the luxury ground industry (CLA0518)
Gallery 0518 KLA President BJ Burton
L to R: KLA Secretary Kent Sparks of Lake Cumberland Limousine, Roger Smith of Cutlass Royal Limousine, KLA President BJ Burton, Pat Burton, and Tom Burton of Limos by Knight, Eddie Fieldhouse and Carey Fieldhouse of R&R Limousine, Dave Bryant of Ambassador Capital Limousine, and Andrea and Michael Ford of Executive Class Transportation (KLA0518)

April 2018

Gallery 0418 WLA Mark Hartmann Karen Lotts
WLA Secretary Treasurer Karen Lotts of A Knight Rider Limousine and President Mike Hartmann of Stardust Limousine. (WLA0418)
Gallery 0418 MLA Joanna Fridinger Michael Greene
MLA Vice President Joanna Fridinger of The Limo Lady and President Michael Greene of A Platinum Plus Limousines. (MLA0418)
Gallery 0418 MCTA Peeps
MCTA members enjoyed dinner, drinks, and a reception at The Lexington. (MCTA0418)
Gallery 0418 NELA Private Car
Terry Murtaugh (left) and NELA Director Jason Dornhoffer of United Private Car. (NELA0418)

March 2018

0318 Gallery VLA Keith Johnson Brian Oneill
Speaker Keith Johnson of Reston Limousine (left) and meeting sponsor Brian O’Neill of Grech Motors at a VLA meeting. (VLA0318)
0318 Gallery VLA Group Meeting
VLA’s February 2018 meeting was held at Richmond Limousine’s HQ in Virginia. (VLA0318)
0318 Gallery GCLA Board
Some of the Day on the Hill attendees at the GCLA meeting in Sacramento. (GCLA0318)
0318 Gallery ABA Prez UMA Prez
UMA President and CEO Stacy Tetschner (left) with ABA President & CEO Peter Pantuso at ABA's annual meeting in Charlotte. (ABA0318)

February 2018

0218 Gallery CFLA 2018 Board
The 2018 CFLA board (L to R): Ryan Hilberth of RentalLimo/, Wendy Kleefisch of Brevard Executive Limousine, Gregg Moulton of Signature Transportation Group, Barbara White of VIP Transportation Group, Greg Palie of GNS Transportation, Ginette Morales of VIP Transportation Group, and Moe Sajjad of Alladin Tours. (CFLA0218)
0218 Gallery CFLA Group Shot
CFLA's January meeting was a packed house. (CFLA0218)
0218 Gallery CFLA Wendy Barbara
CFLA Treasurer Barbara White (right) presents a plaque to President Wendy Kleefisch at their January 2018 meeting. (CFLA0218)
0218 Gallery LILA Board Shot
The LILA holiday gala was held at the elegant Westbury Manor in Long Island. (LILA0218)

January 2018

0118 Gallery HALCA President Ismail Abed
HALCA President Ismail Abed of LaBreese Limousine (left) with some of the evening’s attendees at their year-end party. (HALCA0118)
0118 Gallery NELA Rick Peeps
NELA's winter quarterly meeting (L to R: NELA Director Jason Dornhoffer of United ­Private Car, entertainer Joey Voices, and NELA ­Executive Director Rick Szilagyi). (NELA0118)
0118 Gallery GCLA So Cal Meeting
Industry peer groups brought attendees from all across the country to GCLA’s Southern California meeting. (GCLA0118)
0118 Gallery VLA President Paul Walsh
VLA holiday celebration (L to R: VLA President Paul Walsh of Superior Executive ­Transportation, Ashley Polk of Fleet Transportation, and CD Industry & Brand Ambassador/VLA Executive Director Philip Jagiela. (VLA0118)