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Thursday, February 02, 2023

Atlantic City. N.J.—The Minority Limousine Operators of America (MLOA) held a meeting at the Chauffeur Driven Show in Atlantic City on November 4 for an informative discussion on request for proposals (RFPs).

MLOA President Maurice Brewster of Mosaic Global Transportation welcomed the members and reminded them that there are many opportunities with large private and corporate enterprises that aim to do business with minority-owned companies. Brewster then gave the floor to Arthur Messina of Driving Results, who moderated an expert panel discussion on how to take on RFPs, led by Lenore D’Anzieri of Driving Results, Darrell Anderson of A National Limousine Service, and Sean Duval of Golden Limousine International.

The panel explained that companies release RFPs as an invitation to other companies, government or corporate, to competitively bid to sell their services—essentially making it clear what that company desires and specifically how those bidding companies can fulfill those needs. The panel also explained that to receive RFPs, companies should go onto other companies’ supplier lists and develop relationships with them—perhaps by networking at local, national, and international business travel associations (BTAs).

“It still is about who you know,” said Duval. “And it’s not even so much as getting out on a golf course with a guy who can make these decisions. You need to talk to a decision-maker in a company and try to create these relationships.”

The panel also recommended that you stay away from blind RFPs, or ones that are unsolicited or from other companies with no history with you, as they are usually a way of price checking a deal they already made with somebody else. Furthermore, companies should make sure they don’t get labeled as nonresponsive to RFPs as that will likely ruin opportunities for business.

“If you don’t do this,” Brewster said humorously at one point about responding to RFPs, “I’ll continue to take business in your area.”

The session ended with a series of questions from members for the panel as well as a thankful gesture from Brewster, who concluded that the next MLOA meeting would be a workshop on becoming minority certified.

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Las Vegas—Platinum LV Transportation and Event Transportation hosted an open house celebration and ribbon-cutting of its new location in Las Vegas on September 17 with over 110 guests in attendance.

Platinum LV Transportation and Event Transportation’s new site will utilize a 17-passenger executive coach, 29-passenger forward facing coach, and a 29-passenger limo coach. It plans to keep strong relationships with hotels, management companies, event planners, and McCarran International Airport, as well as other prospective partners.

“The grand opening was a complete success,” says Vice President and General Manager Kellie McKinley of the open house. “Both attendees and Platinum & Event Transportation Team enjoyed getting to know each other and building a foundation for future business together.”

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Dulles, Va.—Reston Limousine was recentaly added to Inc.’s 5000, an exclusive ranking of the country’s fastest-growing companies, for the fifth consecutive year.

Reston Limousine President and CEO Kristina Bouweiri started the company in 1990 with five vehicles. Now, in 2013, Reston holds 280 employees, over 160 vehicles, and exceeded $18 million in revenues—contributing to a 3-year growth rate of 37 percent.

"Not all the companies in the Inc. 500 | 5000 are in glamorous industries,” says Inc. Editor Eric Schurenberg, “but in their fields they are as famous as household name companies simply by virtue of being great at what they do. They are the hidden champions of job growth and innovation, the real muscle of the American economy.”

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