Sunday, October 02, 2022

New York — In the competitive marketplace of travel and transportation, Cognizant Strategy Management is focusing on creating concise and executable business solutions for companies who are looking to grow their companies.

Founded by Lenore Danzieri, an accomplished leader in the travel industry with over 27 years of experience in the corporate travel, airline and ground transportation industry, Cognizant Strategy Management focuses on creating liveable, breathable business solutions for companies in the travel and transportation industry.

Cognizant Strategy Management is a collaboration of consultants who have expertise in human resources, sales, social media marketing, marketing, business development, operations. Through this expert, high performance team, Cognizant creates achievable blueprints for success for their clients by: 

  • • Creating and managing marketing programs and sales initiatives for the tourism industry. 
  • • Creating business solution focusing on processes, leadership development, team motivation and development, sales, marketing. 
  • • Working with corporate travel managers in development and enforcement of travel policies/expense management. 
  • • Working with travel management companies on sales development 

Having spent the last few years focused on the sales development side of the business, Danzieri recently saw the need in the industry for utilizing her talents in operations, leadership development and work flow process. During a needs analysis for a client, she realized that there was work that needed to be done on the corporate foundation. “My sales teams are always successful, so having a strong foundation is critical for client retention. I love working with my clients and being a part of their success. When I begin to work with a client, I treat their company as if it were my own,” says Danzieri.

Cognizant Strategy Management develops and delivers training for corporations looking for increased revenue, shortened sales cycles and strategic measurement of processes, and specializes in corporate travel and software products. 

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Atlantic City‚ N.J.—For the first time ever‚ a number of industry dispatch system providers have put aside their competitive concerns to collaborate to bring emerging technologies to the industry. Today‚ ground transportation operators utilizing Livery Coach‚ FASTTRAK Cloud‚ The Hudson Group‚ and SedanMagic‚ have real-time access to vehicle location data‚ intra-network communications and on-demand booking capabilities delivered via a new system-agnostic neutral communications platform.

“The emergence of Uber and other ‘apps’ has forever changed the way passengers look at chauffeured transportation services‚” says Chip Bowman‚ a partner at Livery Coach. “If we‚ the technology providers for more than 1‚000 operators‚ do nothing and let new technologies run how our customers do business‚ instead of the other way around‚ then we are not doing our jobs. The members of The CoNext Project are now positioned to give our clients the tools that are necessary to manage both pre-reserved and on-demand transportation services if that is what they choose to do.”

The CoNext Project also facilitates the integration of their own global mobile booking apps to regain their—and the industry’s—competitive edge. “Now‚ each of us will be providing mobile applications that allow operators and their passengers to see their passengers in any car‚ regardless of who owns the vehicle or where in the world they are traveling. As long as a passenger has Internet access on their smartphone/tablet‚ then we can provide real-time GPS data and visibility‚” says John Rowley‚ COO of The Hudson Group.

The CoNext Project brings together over 1‚030 operators‚ 31‚525 cars and 68 million rides each year for the ground transportation providers represented by the CoNext system providers‚ according to Amir Zafar‚ founder and CEO of GRiDD‚ the technology company who developed the neutral platform.

“What we‚ and our technology partners have put together is ‘Connectivity for the Next Generation‚’” says Chris McCrae‚ EVP of SedanMagic.

This new connectivity will eliminate the need for ground transportation operators to call in reservations to their affiliates. With a push of a button‚ they will now be able to send jobs electronically to any operator—regardless of their dispatch system—and they can get real-time ride statuses‚ book changes‚ and send rides to an affiliate regardless of the software they are using‚ thus drastically reducing the overhead of their dispatch and reservations operations.

This is the first time operators from different software providers can communicate directly through technology in real-time.

“Livery Coach‚ SedanMagic‚ The Hudson Group‚ and FASTTRAK have all collaborated to allow this innovation to take place. We have created a neutral platform which eliminates the need for operators to phone‚ fax or email rides that they already have in their systems. It allows them to be more efficient and saves them money‚” according to Zafar.

Eddie McCoy‚ founder of FASTTRAK‚ is excited to be part of this project. “We have not seen anything this innovative in more than a decade. What is truly unique and gratifying is that it is not just one software company. Any company providing software to our industry can work with us. The project was developed with the transportation operators’ need at the forefront‚” he says.

In addition to the connectivity‚ operators will now be able to elect to go on demand when they have excess capacity. The on-demand feature will be at the discretion of the company not the driver.

The CoNext Project will launch with a celebratory “toast” at an event at the Chauffeur Driven Show on November 2‚ 2014 at 8:00 pm in the Diamond Ballroom at the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City‚ NJ. All are invited to attend to help us celebrate and learn more about this ground breaking connectivity.

During the show‚ demos of the platform‚ including the on-demand functionality‚ can be seen at Sunday night’s event and information will be available at the participating software provider booths during the show.

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Vendors In Alliance (VIA) announces the initial stages of the formation of their vendor group. This group of industry vendors/suppliers has emerged to positively influence their respective companies and the livery industry at large.

VIA is a professional group of senior-level executives, committed to cooperation, education, the exchange of ideas, and increased industry buying, resulting in the growth of each member as well as the industry. The group will be facilitated by Rick Szilagyi, owner of Lexian Management, a company specializing in working with small nonprofits since 2001. 

“This group represents a broad array of products and services instrumental to the overall success of livery companies. We look forward to new ideas emerging from the group, leading to improvements for the livery industry as a whole,” says Szilagyi.

The first meeting of the group will take place on Tuesday, November 4 at the Chauffeur Driven Show in Atlantic City. The initial vendors making up the group are as follows: Chosen Payments, Create-A-Card, Deem Ground, Drive Profit, GroundWidgets, LimoLive24, Livery Coach Solutions, Maxwell Unified Communications, Perfect Chauffeur, Rental Limo, Transcap Insurance, and Trip Tracker.

“We feel there is a need and strong purpose to come together as vendors for the greater good of the industry as a whole” says Jeff Brodsly of Chosen Payments, who has been influential in getting the group started. “We are all successful in our own regard, however success breeds success and if we can collectively work together to have a great impact for: the operators, associations, trade publications, vendors and entire industry this group will be a win-win for all” Brodsly says. VIA will have its formation meeting, introducing the members and discussing the primary focus of the group, and then move forward with planning out the calendar for 2015. Szilagyi will lead the charge with his long-term experience in the nonprofit sector.

Contact Rick Szilagyi at or 603.868.7475 for more information about VIA.