Wednesday, September 23, 2020

James Limousine Richmond, Va. — James Limousine, a leading chauffeured executive transportation service in the Richmond area, has announced the company’s recent acquisition of Blue Ridge Executive Transportation of Charlottesville.

The deal, which finalized August 10, provides James Limousine with operating rights over Blue Ridge Executive Transportation. While exact terms of the deal have not been made public, James Limousine has already taken over client relations and reservations for the business. During a transition period, all Blue Ridge Executive Transportation domains will remain active in order to continue to serve loyal clientele.

Last year, the successful Blue Ridge Executive Transportation operated 10 cars and boasted revenue of over $750,000. With the company’s former owners are retiring, James Limousine CEO Randy Allen saw the possibility of serving the Charlottesville area as an excellent opportunity to expand the company footprint.

“The Charlottesville market is currently underserved. When we heard about the possibility of acquiring operations over Blue Ridge, we knew there was a huge potential for growth,” said Allen. “We’re going into this ready to raise the bar Charlottesville residents are used to—by providing the highest quality customer service.”

James Limousine already operates in Newport News, Williamsburg, and Richmond. This merger allows the company to serve the entire 200-mile corridor, from Charlottesville to Newport News. The expansion comes at a time of celebration for James Limousine, as it celebrates 25 years of service this year.

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