Lancer Testimonial
Saturday, June 03, 2023

San Mateo, CA —ABC Worldwide Transportation has recently launched its new mobile app, ABCTRANS Mobile, which gives its clients one place to seamlessly create, review, and modify reservations, as well as track an in-transit driver. The app also allows ABC Transportation passengers to view receipts from previous trips or look over itineraries for upcoming ones.

After working on the app nearly all year, ABC Transportation launched it July 28 during the Global Business Travel Association Convention.

“It’s what we’ve been striving for for quite some time. We hope it solves a lot of problems for our customers,” says Don Mahnke, ABC Transportation president.

Feedback from early users has been largely positive so far, and Mahnke says that the few suggested tweaks are “helping us get better by the day.”

“They all love the functionality of it and the ease of use,” he says. “They think they’ll be able to use this, and their whole travel departments will be able to use this.”

One of ABC Transportation’s aims was to release an app that offers more services to its clients than the app of a ridesharing company like Uber does.

“You want [a client] to be able to have more options than Uber, which we succeeded in,” Mahnke says. “They can book outbound, inbound, incoming, and they can see the rate in advance. We can do things that Brand X does, and we do it better with licensed, insured drivers around the country.”

ABCTRANS Mobile also opens up ABC Transportation to a new potential client base.

“We’ll be able to have customers booked around the world. We can market our app, and that’s a big open market that we’ve never had before,” Mahnke says.

The app is free and available for immediate download for both the Apple and Android operating systems.

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