Sunday, January 20, 2019

Association Updates

Title Published Date
TLPA’s Alternative Business Models for Industry Companies 2017, April 18
VLA Membership Celebrates Continued Success 2017, April 18
NELA Sees Legislation Succeed, Works with DATTCO 2017, April 18
WFLA Introduces New Board and Name 2017, April 18
Notable Firsts and an Emotional Goodbye at the 2017 UMA Expo 2017, April 10
FMCSA Withdraws Rule, Halts Additional Changes to CSA Program 2017, April 04
LANJ Meeting Hosts a Packed House 2017, April 04
MLOA Meets Up in the City Where It All Started 2017, April 04
Central Florida Livery Association Acquires New Domain Name 2017, March 22
Black Car Fund Adds EmpireCLS as Newest Member 2017, March 21
PRLA Discusses Reduced City Fees, New Legislation at General Meeting 2017, March 21
With the First Quarter Behind It, CLA Looks Ahead 2017, March 21
FLA Fights for Equal Treatment in Proposed Bill 2017, March 09
GCLA Holds Annual Legislative Day 2017, March 09
WLA Members Meet With Statewide Transportation Collective 2017, March 09
Myths and Truths of TNCs Uncovered at GBTA-NJ Meeting 2017, March 09
In-Depth with Daus: The Proposed End of Transportation Regulation in New York 2017, March 09
Legislative Issues Discussed at Recent NELA Meeting 2017, March 07
Prevost Announces Executive News and Client Anniversary 2017, February 21
Global Alliance Worldwide Chauffeured Services Upgrades Fleet 2017, February 21