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About Us

CD Staff Chauffeur Driven, founded in 2012, is the industry’s most widely circulated publication and has become one of the most respected international trade shows for ground transportation. Our mission from day one has been to be the best and most relevant industry brand while representing the changing needs of operators worldwide. We’re constantly pushing boundaries and broadening our horizons to push you outside of your comfort zone. We’re not your typical “how to” publication or event producer; we want to arm you with information so that you can make educated decisions for your business. We know that there aren’t one-size-fits-all solutions to your most pressing issues, so we delve into a variety of opinions and present several suggestions for well-rounded coverage. Regardless of how long you’ve been in business or the size of your fleet, it’s our theory that any business can always be a little bit better, and the best ideas can come from anywhere. We are passionate about the betterment and advancement of luxury ground transportation, and it is the driving force behind everything we do.

In 2015, we took the risk by moving our flagship event, the Chauffeur Driven Trade Show & Conference, on the road to Miami with resounding success. In 2016 we head to Washington, D.C., and to Orlando in 2017. We also debuted our Executive Retreat in Nashville in June 2015, and we head to New Orleans in 2016. We’ve also spearheaded events like the Canadian Summit, a local association trade show that was co-produced with the Ontario Limousine Owners Association and featured educational seminars relevant to the area as well as plenty of networking and fun. We tailor each show experience to the needs of now and tomorrow through the thoughtful advice and input from our various committees, including our Show, Education, and Charity committees. Education is the core of any of our events, and our topics are tested and retested to ensure that our education and show events are timely, interesting, and appealing. Chauffeur Driven … we’re different by design.