Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Matt Daus

Title Published Date
New Survey to Explore Chauffeured Transportation at Airports 2024, May 28
In Depth With Daus: Complying With the New Corporate Transparency Laws 2024, April 12
In Depth With Daus: IATR Conference Addresses Mobility Agency & TLC of the Future 2023, November 20
In Depth With Daus: The Essential Estate Planning & Corporate Succession Guide 2023, October 16
Goldstein and Daus Honored by NYC Publication 2023, September 18
Daus, Fellow Partners Named to Law Power 100 List 2023, March 27
Daus Appointed to NYC Bar Association Committee 2022, December 06
In Depth with Daus: Rising Medallions Could Be Good News for All NYC Transportation 2022, August 10
Familiar Faces Top N.Y.’s ‘Transportation Power 100’ List 2022, August 09
In Depth with Daus: Independent Contractor Business Model Change Attracts States 2022, June 16
In Depth with Daus: The Battle Over Driver Employment Status Heats Up 2022, May 18
Legal Ease: Are FHV Diamonds Forever? How NYC Is Using EVs 2021, September 10
IMPORTANT Change for Operators Who Have Applied for CERTS Funding 2021, June 30
CERTS Is Open! Here’s How to Apply 2021, June 28
NYC Primary Race: Candidates’ Positions on Transportation Issues 2021, June 16
What the Next NYC Mayor Should Do About Transportation 2021, June 16
Port Authority to Charge All FHVs for Area Airport Access 2021, March 30
NYC Mayoral Candidate Yang to Discuss Transportation Policies 2021, March 22
IATR to Present Vaccine Info Session 2021, March 09
Legal Ease: Buy, Sell, Retire? Weighing Your Post-Pandemic Options 2021, February 17

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