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Saturday, October 16, 2021

DEEM San Francisco — Deem, a mobile and cloud technology provider for the business travel industry, today announced general availability of its Deem Work Fource platform, a next-generation software suite that offers a much-needed alternative to the present corporate online booking tools used by many businesses.

Applying an array of advanced technologies, Work Fource provides optimized solutions for each of the four key constituencies in the business travel ecosystem: for travelers who want to book trips and manage changes on the go more quickly and easily; corporate travel managers who need better ways to control spend, improve traveler satisfaction, and ensure policy compliance; travel management companies who want to deliver a more convenient travel-booking experience to corporate clients while maintaining duty of care; and suppliers who want to expand their market, grow revenues and offer a superior experience to customers.

"Let's face it: we all concur that almost everyone finds the traditional corporate booking tools lacking in many ways," said John Rizzo, president and COO of Deem. "They are clunky, complicated and time-consuming for everyone involved. They've been stuck in the past, and haven't kept up with user centric designs, or taken advantage of the innovations in areas such as artificial intelligence and dynamic personalization; technologies which we've seen in more forward-thinking segments of the software industry. That's why we decided to rethink our solutions from the ground up."

The Work Fource suite combines an array of advanced capabilities—including machine learning, predictive analytics, adaptive personalization, and a best-in-class consumer-style user experience—in four groundbreaking solutions:

  • Deem Road Work, for travelers: mobile and desktop apps for planning, booking and updating trips with unprecedented ease and flexibility, thanks to a variety of intelligent features such as personalized recommendations and pre-emptive assistance.
  • Deem Clock Work, for corporate travel managers: a robust set of tools for managing travel programs, spurring adoption, and fostering compliance, driven by a uniquely flexible and comprehensive policy engine.
  • Deem Book Work, for travel management companies: a fast, flexible and efficient set of administrative tools that streamline agency processes to better serve corporate clients while also growing revenue.
  • Deem Net Work, for suppliers: powerful APIs and services enabling providers of air, hotel, rail, ground, and other logically adjacent content and services, to market their products and services in the Deem platform.
"This is software that travelers will actually like and use, leading to much higher adoption," said Rizzo. "Widespread adoption gives companies a greater ability to control travel costs. They can manage spend before it is committed, at the time of purchase and avoid being blindsided by expenses after the fact, when it's too late to do anything. It's difficult to reverse the flight or hotel after a traveler has filed the expense report."

Work Fource products are cloud-based and seamlessly integrated with each other and with external systems, such as calendar apps, expense and ERP systems. The platform also addresses the needs of global clients with a full suite of language, localization and content capabilities including air, rail, hotel, and ground transportation.

"Deem's approach is to optimize its platform to serve the needs of the entire business travel ecosystem, at the expense of no one—that's an industry first," said Rizzo.

Deem's current cloud customers will be seamlessly upgraded to the new software as part of their scheduled release, with their existing data and settings preserved.

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