Saturday, June 06, 2020

Grace Limousine and Shuttle CEO Mike Campbell Manchester, N.H.— Grace Limousine and Shuttle is the recipient of the 1st Quarter 2018 LMC Group Circle of Excellence Award. Grace won the award for excellence in customer service.

As part of their commitment to the best possible experience for their customers, Grace sends a text to their passengers after their ride, inviting them to complete a brief survey. Each week, they receive dozens of responses, providing them with a wide sampling of feedback. Clients rate areas, such as overall service, their chauffeurs, their vehicle, and the phone and booking experience, and their positive responses for each area average between 97 and 99 percent.

“I have had the opportunity for over a year now to witness the focus and importance that the entire Grace team puts into ensuring the best experience for their clients, as well as how the team responds to service issues, survey scores (the good and the bad), and any other opportunities to improve and provide the superior service clients expect,” explains LMC’s Kato Murray, who nominated Grace for this award.

Every member of the Grace team takes the customer satisfaction surveys seriously and relies on them to ensure they providing their clients with the best possible customer service.

“Our customer satisfaction surveys have become a friendly competition among the staff to see what area of the company receives highest marks. Our chauffeur group usually pulls ahead of office and fleet by just a hair, but we’ve all been very pleased to see our great scores,” says Grace Operations Manager Heather Campbell. “The section of the survey where we invite clients to request follow up from a manager has been very helpful. Typically, when we have to follow up, it is because a client can’t say enough great things about a chauffeur’s service, but on occasion this is also a good opportunity to hear any concerns that our clients may have. We have been very pleased with the self-awareness that these surveys have brought to our company.”

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