Boston Chauffeur Driven Show
Monday, July 22, 2019

Prevost Motorcoach A. Candies Coachworks’ 30th Prevost coach Sainte Claire, Q.C. — To kick off their 30th anniversary, A. Candies Coachworks of Gainesville, Fla. took delivery of its 30th Prevost motorcoach at the UMA Expo 2018 in San Antonio, Tex. A. Candies Coachworks Founder and President Sander Kaplan credits Prevost Sales Representative Eloy Torres for the success of this memorable event.

“Eloy was kind enough to bring our 30th coach to San Antonio and save us a trip to California,” he says. “He took the time to put our logo on the back and our anniversary announcements on side. We appreciate the attention Prevost has always shown us and why our working relationship has always been “win-win.”

In keeping with A. Candies’ business model, the star of the show was a preowned 2011 H3-45 featuring DEF, three-point seatbelts, WiFi, and Direct TV. The A. Candies Coachworks fleet of preowned Prevost H3-45s range in model years from 1998 to 2013.

“We continue to run every Prevost we have purchased,” says Kaplan. “We keep each coach in exceptional operating condition; to the point our customers have no issue with riding in older coaches, so long as they are clean, safely maintained and fully operational.”

The young entrepreneur found his way into the transportation industry after chasing down an off-the-cuff comment from a client about to be married, who could not find a limousine. He ended up purchasing his first Armbruster limousine for this one occasion. As calls started coming in, Kaplan was able to trade up, and soon his fledgling operation quickly expanded to eight limos.

Nineteen years later, he moved into motorcoaches, narrowly preceding the economic downturn of 2008 that would take out much of the limousine business.

“One of my drivers suggested I consider charter coach service for this area,” says Kaplan. “Frankly, I just didn’t think motorcoaches were as cool as my sleek fleet of limos. Boy, was I wrong.”

As Kaplan searched around for a coach he could afford, his sales rep at the time hoped to get him into a Prevost, assuring him the H3-45 rode better and provided more underneath storage for luggage and band instruments. Once Prevost and Kaplan came to an agreement on price, he signed for his first motorcoach, a 2000 model H3-45 with 300,000 miles.

Working closely with Prevost and his sales rep, he formulated his business model to grow the fleet at a very deliberate pace. Together, Kaplan and Prevost determined A. Candies Coachworks would operate only preowned coaches.

“Through our many years working together, I can never say enough for Prevost understanding and aligning with our unique way of working,” he says. “The help we have received has been instrumental to our growth.”

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