Thursday, October 28, 2021

Luxury Coach’s new 2019 Prevost H3-45 motorcoaches Concord, Ontario — To celebrate their 20 years in coach transportation, Luxury Coach took delivery of eight fully loaded 2019 Prevost H3-45 motorcoaches this past spring. The company has grown steadily into a company of 40 dedicated employees who accommodate and serve customers with every mode of transportation and staying busy year-round. This most recent acquisition brings the coach count to 31 in the all-Prevost fleet and includes one Prevost H3-41 VIP.

“Prevost was our first choice and is the only coach we have ever run,” says Luxury Coach Founding Partner Anthony Lauriola. “Our new 2019 H3-45s allow us to continue to serve our customers in what we truly believe is the finest coach on the market.”

The company has systematically grown and updated its coach fleet since 2003 and has acquired new model Prevost coaches since 2010.

“If it weren’t for Glen Gendron, our Prevost sales representative at the time, we would still be running a fleet of older coaches and known only as that average transportation company,” says Lauriola. “He was the realist who walked us through the process and helped us understand the value of buying new.”

Serge Gonthier, Prevost regional sales manager, Eastern Canada, has since taken over for Gendron in the Toronto region.

“Serge is well informed and his deals always feel like the right choice for us,” says Lauriola. “He goes out of his way as a close friend would to walk us through our questions and concerns.”

The new model coaches feature Prevost’s proprietary 500-HP Electric Fan Drive, which reduces mechanical drag and load on the engine and components. Technicians can now service the engine without disturbing the entire cooling system.

The state of the art Prevost AWARE is standard on the 2019 H3-45 and features Adaptive Cruise Control and Impact Alert signals to help drivers avoid collisions. Electronic Stability Program tracks vehicle movement, monitoring wheel speed, steering angle, lateral acceleration, and yaw to help avoid loss of control and prevent rollovers.

With this coach order, Luxury Coach also took the opportunity to upgrade the interiors with a combination of luxury leather and fabric for the seats, and to fully refresh its public image with all-new graphics and color scheme.

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