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Friday, June 14, 2024

All Star
Pittsburgh, Pa. — Regency Global Transportation Group is proud to announce that All Star Limousines Worldwide Transportation is now a member of its family of companies. Creating the largest chauffeured transportation service provider in the Pittsburgh and metro area, the merger will help both Regency and All Star Limousines expand their operations to better serve the growing needs of affiliates and further enhance the high-quality services that each company provides. Regency and All Star Limousines will also maintain their individual brand identities, allowing customers and affiliates to continue working with each company the same way they did prior to the merger. Additionally, customers will benefit from increased fleet diversity, enhanced booking capabilities, and more efficient support services.

Tom Miller, president and CEO of Regency, will maintain his current position. Louis R. Weiner, president of All Star Limousines, will also maintain his current position, in addition to taking on the role of executive vice president at Regency.

“Regency is known for our consistently high-quality service and drive to evolve our business to meet our clients’ needs. With All Star Limousines now part of the Regency family of companies, we can provide improved capabilities to better serve our clients, advanced booking solutions, better customer support, and more,” said Miller. “We are thrilled to have All Star Limousines join our organization. With our combined teams, this merger gives us a greater ability to scale our operations and meet the ever-changing needs of our clients.”

Weiner All Star Limousines President Louis Weiner Regency and All Star Limousines are both fully integrated chauffeured transportation operators with services available throughout the world. Each company has been established for over 25 years and both have become well recognized for their exceptionally high-levels of service.

“As All Star Limousines continues to grow, so does our need to improve and streamline our operations. Becoming a part of Regency will allow us to create more sustainable growth, giving us the ability to continually enhance our services, which include technological growth, fleet expansion, and human resources,” said Weiner. “We’re truly excited to merge with such an established organization, and look forward to a very successful future for both of our teams.”

To create organizational synergy between Regency and All Star Limousines, both companies will be based in one building. From the office staff to the chauffeurs, all employees will work together as one team.

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