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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

BCAC President Diana Clemente of Big Apple Car Long Island City, N.Y. — The Black Car Assistance Corporation (BCAC) began a new chapter in leadership, as Diana Clemente of Big Apple Car recently assumed the position of BCAC president.

Clemente has been a long-time active BCAC member, as well as having previously served as BCAC president. Her industry experiences and new approach to management make her perfectly poised to bring the BCAC to new heights during such tumultuous times.

Set on bringing in new members, Clemente has made it clear that she understands the complex tasks which lie ahead of us, and the value in recruiting new voices with unique experiences, and therefore, unique and valuable insight.

Outgoing BCAC President Berj Haroutunian issued the following statement:

“It’s been one of the greatest pleasures of my career to have served as president of the BCAC. During my tenure as president, I’m proud to have taken part in efforts that have greatly benefited our industry, and the thousands and thousands of drivers who keep clients moving, day and night, and deserve the fairest of treatment.

As I pass the gavel to the BCAC’s next president and a long-time personal friend of mine, Diana Clemente, I do so with a profound sense of not just confidence, but excitement to see the revolutionary new heights she will bring this association to. Her vast experience within the industry, as well as her true and overwhelming desire to better the lives of the drivers of this industry are just two reasons she is a phenomenal choice.

As the industry landscape continues to change rapidly, and the challenges we face grow increasingly complex and frequent, it is of the utmost importance that the Industry come together and actively participate in protective efforts; with a refreshed approach to management of the BCAC, Diana Clemente may very well be the right person to accomplish this task.”  

In a letter to members, Clemente expressed her feelings on the industry and discussed the values she brings with her into the new term:

“I could not possibly feel more honored to be returning as president of the Black Car Assistance Corporation, and especially at such a crucial time. I also cannot express how grateful I am to Berj Haroutunian for his leadership over the past few years; it was a difficult road, and I know how hard he worked, as well as how much of himself he sacrificed in order to serve. As I take on the title of BCAC president once again, I assure everyone that I will tirelessly and diligently continue on with the mission of the BCAC—ensuring the fair treatment of our industry. 

We all know just too well how vastly our industry has changed, just in the past few years. We also all know that moving forward, the issues we are set to face will prove to be far more complex and will carry even higher stakes than ever before. Now more than ever, it is imperative we not forget what sets our industry apart from the rest of the sector offerings back in the very beginning—and I’m talking back in the old days; quality and customer service. As we deal with the societal shift towards instant gratification and convenience as a necessity, it is the traits unique to our industry that will prove to set us apart once again. 

I know at times, it can be difficult to hold on to hope with the current state of our industry. While that may be, I implore you all to make a serious effort to approach each coming day and each coming issue we face with optimism and positivity. I feel there is no need to remind anyone reading this just how many drivers—members of our communities, mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters, depend on the direction we provide and course that we set, for their very paycheck—for there to be food on their table. I enter into this responsibility fully aware of this awesome responsibility, and as such, I commit to executing my position with the utmost professionalism, honesty and pride, as any less would be a disgrace.”

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