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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

BCAC New York — On December 4, the NYC TLC Board of Commissioners gathered to vote on two sets of proposed rules.

The first proposed financial transparency and protection rules which would mandate a minimum pay rate for app-based/High-Volume For-Hire Service (HVFHS) drivers—or just over $17 per hour after expenses. Second were the proposed rules on HVFHS base licensing regulations; however, until just a few days before the meeting date, another topic that was set to be voted on—the proposed congestion pricing rules—were omitted from the agenda.

The TLC Board of Commissioners declined to vote on the proposed congestion pricing rules for a few reasons. Commissioner Meera Joshi made a statement about why the Board declined to vote, as they are not entirely convinced that this is the most comprehensive policy to have put in place to address the congestion issue.

The reason being, according to the Commissioner, is because of the unjust imposition of such fee mandates on only the ground transportation industry in New York City, when there are various other industries not only heavily contributing to the city’s congestion issues—primarily in Manhattan's central business district—but also are in no way liable for any congestion pricing surcharges. The Commissioner added that there are so many current unknowns that the only sensible thing for the Agency to do is to postpone any vote.

BCAC also encourages any operator accepting work in New York City that time is running out to ask questions about the looming congestion pricing surcharges that will begin to be implemented January 1, 2019.

Tthere are still some specific situational, yet key, the industry still needs clarification on. BCAC members have been coming forward with various questions related to the congestion pricing surcharge, such as whether or not the surcharge is applied to empty FHVs entering the Manhattan congestion zone (below 96th Street).

The association’s goal is to collect as many specific questions as possible to bring to the appropriate individual in the Governor's Budget office for clarification. Members are encouraged to send an email to to let BCAC know what specific questions you have about the congestion pricing surcharge, when it is to be applied, or anything else.

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