Wednesday, February 21, 2024

photo 3 (L to R) ABC Special Agent Marcus Brigil, VLA President Glenn Stafford, DMV Special Agent Thomas Penny, VLA Secretary Andrea Saathoff, ABC Speical Agent Tom Kirby, VLA VP Paul Walsh, VLA VP Henry Potter, and VLA Treasurer Pam Tripp Williamsburg, Va — The Virginia Limousine Association June meeting was hosted by James River Transportation. The meeting featured presentations by special agents from both Virginia Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) and also the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).  

The ABC officials spoke about the recently passed legislation allowing for collection of wine tasting fees by motor carriers. A short application is being developed that will not have a fee. Upon issuance of the one year permit, a copy should be carried in the vehicle and the fees must be submitted to the winery or brewery either before, or at the time of, service. Fees cannot be submitted afterwards. The tasting fees charged cannot be for a greater amount than the winery/brewery charges. The VLA will provide updates on the application process on its website when available.  ABC agent Tom Kirby also spent time answering questions and enlightening attendees on the nuances of the laws in Virginia regarding alcohol in for-hire vehicles.

Special Agent-in-Charge Tom Penny of the Virginia DMV reported seeing a decline in stretch limousine activity, and an increase in party bus vehicles as well as (strangely enough) more private limousines which require great effort to catch operating illegally. The DMV is working closely with FMCSA and passenger carrier checks will be increasing.

Penny also informed members of the DMVs efforts to “level the playing field” with the ridesharing apps. They are attending judicial conferences to get judges to understand the importance of the violations to get the “level playing field,” and he encouraged members to contact their local police departments as well to emphasize the importance of compliance.  These efforts will be especially important moving forward with the Uber/Lyft situation. Arlington Police will be enforcing laws on Uber/Lyft and the DMV will be hosting taxi enforcement training at various state police departments as well.

Dylan Bishop, a DMV law intern from legislative services, encouraged VLA members to make sure to answer the recent survey on the ridesharing apps, and to keep making our voices heard as the DMV has been tasked by the legislature to “fix the problem” before next year’s general assembly.

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