Lancer Testimonial
Saturday, June 03, 2023

When Uber (and soon after, Lyft) came to Milwaukee earlier this year, all hopes were that the limousine industry in Wisconsin would have the support of local officials. After some back and forth, the battle so far stands that a provisional license is proposed and that these ridesharing companies will be regulated—but it’s still up in the air on whether it will look more like taxi or limousine regulation. The June conservation at the Milwaukee City Council meeting was productive but any resolution was tabled until the following month (July, no meeting date available).

The Wisconsin Limousine Association (WLA) has been at the forefront. During its June meeting, President Mike Hartmann of Stardust Limousine said that he’d been hearing mixed reviews from the public about Uber. Other board of directors agreed that some of the feedback had been positive, especially with younger people because of the short wait times. But the public is taking notice of the increased traffic delays in some larger cities, and they are unsure about Uber’s safety regarding proper regulation and insurance.

In other news, the association is in the process of composing a letter to the city of Milwaukee regarding inspections. Hartmann says that WLA is requesting that Milwaukee accept the DOT inspection instead of requiring companies to physically bring their vehicles to the Milwaukee for inspection on an annual basis. With the passage of ACT364 (which was enacted on April 28, 2014), all limousine companies need to apply for and receive PC Authority from the State of Wisconsin. This legislation also brings the required minimum amounts of insurance to $350,000 up to $500,000. More information and links to the revised rules can be found on the association’s website at

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