Lancer Insurance Loss Recovery
Monday, December 11, 2023

Plainview, N.Y. — After rescheduling its January meeting on account of a blizzard that swept the Northeast region, the Long Island Limousine Association (LILA) met up February 3 at Race Palace.

The meeting, which saw a turnout of more than 50 people, was sponsored by Peter Hayes and Gin Kato of Bird Bus Sales, Mike Marroccoli of Capacity Coverage, and Doreen Marino of Forest Hills Financial.

Topics included a mix of industry and association-specific information, with guest speakers Marroccoli discussing insurance and Marino talking about retirement planning and exit strategies, while changes to the LILA website were discussed among members. Marroccoli’s presentation about insurance costs led the association to both discuss and put together a training program for members’ chauffeurs.

“Mike Marroccoli was telling us that these insurance carriers are really determining whether you stay in business or not,” said LILA President Robert Cunningham of Platinum Limousine. “I had a meeting with some members of the association, and I said that maybe we should come back with a driver training program because the chauffeurs, if they’re not trained properly, can put you right out of business if, God forbid, they get into a bad accident and somebody gets hurt.”

According to LILA Director Bill Goerl of Clique Limousines, the association is also re-examining how it will handle its mid-winter meetings in the future “because it’s just so hard to get people out in this weather.”

LILA’s next meeting will be March 31.

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