Driving Transactions
Tuesday, April 16, 2024

TACT Carl Haley Grand Avenue TACT President Carly Haley of Grand Avenue Worldwide Nashville, Tenn. — The Tennessee Association of Chauffeured Transportation (TACT), formerly known as the Tennessee Livery Association, recently announced that it is not only changing its name, but also overhauling all aspects of its mission and operations in order to best serve the legislative interests of its constituency: the state’s chauffeured transportation operators.

Dormant since 2012, TACT is reemerging with new goals, as well as new officers of the board:
President: Carl Haley of Grand Avenue Worldwide
Vice President: Matt Yorke of Signature Transportation Services
Secretary: Nathan Spears of Geny Insurance Agency
Treasurer: Victor Tsague of Advent Transportation
Members-at-Large: Johnny Sansom of Alpha Limousine, Edward Coleman of Emerald Luxury Transportation, and Jim Simms of Cool Springs Limousine  

The organization is pledging to proactively engage the state’s legislators at a time when the number of car service options for Tennesseans are increasing and the laws governing them are inconsistent.

“As the transportation business continues to grow, it’s important the laws regulating all car services are consistent and fair for everyone in the business,” Haley said. “We are really looking forward to working on behalf of our newly energized organization, and with a strong group of new board members, to strengthen our statewide representation for the benefit of everyone in our industry.”

“We have worked hard over the years to represent the chauffeured transportation industry in the state of Tennessee, advance the goals of all operators and address their concerns,” Yorke added. “I am extremely excited at the rejuvenation of our association and the wonderful talent that has committed to further this mission, including all of our members.”

One of TACT’s major goals for 2015 is to ask state legislators to address discrepancies in regulations governing chauffeured transportation operators and taxis versus fast-growing TNCs. In addition, TACT will work to develop better relationships with the Metro Nashville Airport Authority, where a large percentage of TACT’s members do business.

For more information on TACT, contact Carl Haley at 615.714.5466.