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Tuesday, March 05, 2024

Phoenix, Ariz.—FASTTRAK Technologies recently announced an integration with TomTom Telematics that allows dispatchers to send orders from FASTTRAK Cloud directly to TomTom PRO driver terminals in their vehicles. With a single mouse click, dispatchers can now send all relevant order information to the driver, and leverage TomTom’s award-winning vehicle tracking, navigation and real-time traffic capabilities, according to a joint press release from the companies. The integrated solution is expected to increase efficiency in the back office, and save chauffeurs time on the road.

“Partnering with TomTom has allowed us to extend the benefits of our reservation and dispatch management solutions to our customers,” says Eddie McCoy, president and owner of FASTTRAK Technologies. “In today’s business climate, anything that improves response times and efficiencies can help companies compete and thrive.”

TomTom Telematics’ WEBFLEET provides real-time visibility into vehicle location, delivering significantly faster response times and improved accountability. WEBFLEET’s advanced fleet management capabilities help FASTTRAK customers maximize the return on their fleet investment. WEBFLEET provides complete visibility into driver behavior, such as speeding over the posted limit, aggressive driving and idling. The PRO driver terminals offer drivers traffic-based navigation and Active Driver Feedback, a real-time coaching tool to encourage a safer and more fuel-efficient driving style.

“FASTTRAK and TomTom have created a one-stop solution for us,” says Stephen Winstead, transportation manager for Towne Park. “Being able to see reservations, what each individual vehicle is doing on one screen and manage it all from one hub has been phenomenal for us. I don’t know what we’d do without it.”

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