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Tuesday, March 05, 2024

Deem Orlando — Could this be our industry’s Uber 2.0? At the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) Convention 2015, currently taking place in Orlando, Fla., this week, Deem announced a broad-based strategic sales, marketing, and technology partnership with leading global, national, and regional chauffeured transportation companies. The companies will combine the ease-of-use of ride-hailing apps with the largest and most trusted network of chauffeured transportation companies globally, spanning more than 80 countries and 700 cities. Deem is a top commerce-as-a-service (CaaS) company, with a focus on the specific needs of the travel and chauffeured transportation industries.

Leading operators such as EmpireCLS, Music Express, Pure Luxury, Arrow Limousine, Gem Limousine Worldwide, Flyte Tyme, Universal Limousine, U.S. Sedan Service, North Point Transportation, AJL International, Sterling Limousine, and others have chosen Deem as their preferred technology partner to promote their brands, fleets, and inventory to corporations, business travelers, and premium consumers.

Deem will leverage its $200 million investment in its one-of-a-kind cloud and mobile platform to deliver a highly scalable real-time network and mobile application, effectively leveling the technology playing field against the new class of transportation network companies (TNCs). As a result of this partnership, the chauffeured transportation industry will be able to focus on its longstanding core strength of delivering the safest and highest quality service worldwide, corporations will be able to combine duty of care with savings, and business travelers and consumers will enjoy first-rate convenience, safety, and service. The company released a video that demonstrates how this new offering, Deem Car Service, will work.

"The chauffeured transportation market is a $3 billion industry that has been growing more than 10 percent year over year despite being technologically disadvantaged," said David Seelinger, CEO of EmpireCLS. "Deem is the clear choice for this industry, enabling us to leverage its proven cloud and mobile commerce capabilities, corporate travel and ground expertise, and significant intellectual property in ground and mobile GPS technologies. With this partnership we can accelerate our growth, significantly expand our market opportunity, and deliver the consumer experience our customers are demanding, while allowing us to invest more in our fleets, people, and outstanding service."

"World-class consumer convenience, duty of care, service, safety, and regulatory compliance don't need to be mutually exclusive concepts. By incorporating all of these capabilities into the Deem application experience, we know that business travelers and premium consumers will seek out trusted chauffeured transportation companies over the many unknowns of the TNC," said Patrick Grady, founder and CEO of Deem. "We are thrilled to collaborate with many of the world's greatest brands in this market to delight business travelers and consumers alike, while giving companies the peace of mind that their employees have vetted and insured drivers with world-class service companies standing behind them."

Companies can manage their corporate chauffeured transportation programs by using Deem Car Service as a standalone application or pairing it with Deem Travel, Deem Expense, or the complete Deem suite to unlock the full savings potential of spend and expense management on the Deem platform. By combining user preferences, corporate policies and the negotiated rates between corporations and their preferred operators, all in a consumer-grade cloud and mobile experience, Deem Car Service will enable the perfect transaction for all stakeholders. In addition, users can create both business and personal profiles and seamlessly navigate between each to book advanced and real-time reservations for both business and leisure trips.

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