Driving Transactions
Thursday, July 18, 2024

TBR Global Glasgow, Scotland — Executive ground transportation company TBR Global recently expanded its services to provide a secure global travel solution for the corporate travel management community.

Through a new partnership with security professionals Priavo, TBR Global has initiated a new division called TBR Secure, which will specialize in providing safety for corporate travelers doing business in regions considered “high-risk.” The TBR Secure team has experience managing ground transportation in areas such as Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America, and has provided secure travel for high-profile individuals, events, roadshows, and corporations.

Using real-time data to determine the level of risk in a particular region, TBR Secure assesses the potential threat of civil unrest, terror, or political upheaval, and tailors a safety solution to the size and status of a group. Clients are provided with a single consistent TBR Secure point of contact with whom they can build trust and familiarity.

“This partnership allows us to offer a competitive secure chauffeur driving solution without the full costs of close protection details: a trend in which both companies have experienced real growth in recent months,” said Craig Chambers, managing director of TBR Global.

From the pre-trip risk assessment to the journey’s end, TBR Secure is focused on delivering a safe and trustworthy service, ensuring the trip is safe, relaxing, and on schedule, he says.

Celine Murphy, commercial director of Priavo, elaborated: “As many companies are expanding or outsourcing operations in emerging markets and complex environments, we have experienced demand for a secure driving service.”

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