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Saturday, March 02, 2024

CD1014 LILA MeetingChauffeur Driven Editor Madeleine Maccar and Michael Fargnoli of Precious Moments Limousines Plainview‚ N.Y. — The most recent meeting of the Long Island Limousine Association (LILA) was held September 30 at Race Palace and included presentations‚ dinner‚ and a little bit of friendly competition.

The meeting kicked off with a short presentation from representatives of Vehicle Tracking Solutions. LILA members who currently utilize the service remarked that‚ while it has helped them confirm when drivers have made illegal runs with company cars‚ the mere potential for surveillance often keeps their chauffeurs honest. They also discussed how being able to monitor drivers’ routes for possible traffic delays and other unexpected hurdles is greatly beneficial to shuffling schedules to accommodate clients’ needs with immediate dispatches.

Chauffeur Driven Editor Madeleine Maccar was present at the meeting. After providing an overview of the upcoming Atlantic City show‚ she raffled off a free show pass‚ which was won by Michael Fargnoli of Precious Moment Limousines.

The meeting took a lighter turn befitting the jovial‚ casual atmosphere when operators shared their industry horror stories‚ the worst—or best—of which would earn the storyteller a gas card. Tales ranged from on-the-clock vehicle malfunctions to clients directing drivers to locales of illegal activity to nightmares from the retail side of the business. Jim McIntyre from Crystal Coach was declared the winner.

The next LILA meeting will be November 25.

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