Saturday, September 23, 2023

Atlanta — LakePoint Sporting Community, a premier sports vacation destination, recently announced an exclusive partnership with Cooper-Global Chauffeured Transportation, which will provide a full range of transportation options to all of LakePoint’s guests.

Cooper Global and Lakepoint Sporting “At LakePoint, we strive to provide best-in-class service in all that we do. In the world of travel sports, getting your team from place to place can be a real logistical challenge. We chose Cooper Global as our official transportation partner because of [its] impeccable reputation and wide range of transportation options for teams and families.  We believe our partnership will further enhance what has already become the premier sports tournament vacation experience," says LakePoint Co-CEO Earl Ehrhart.

“Cooper-Global is honored to be an official partner of LakePoint, this is a wonderful example of two companies seeing a vision and both being willing to be creative and flexible to accomplish the greater goals to serve our community,” says Larry Cooper, president of Cooper-Global. “We appreciate the opportunity to work with LakePoint to create an all-inclusive experience for all of LakePoint’s teams, coaches, fans, families, and guests.”

Visit cooper-global.com for more information.