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Saturday, December 02, 2023

Gregory May and Robert F. Bedford Commissioner Gregory May of Nassau County Taxi & Limousine Commission and Deputy County Attorney Robert F. Bedford Plainview, N.Y. — More than 45 members and supporters were in attendance when the Long Island Limousine Association (LILA) met May 26 at Bird Bus Sales’ service center. Chauffeur Driven Industry & Brand Ambassador Philip Jagiela, who also serves as LILA’s executive director, was among those who were present for the meeting.

Bird Bus owner Rick Reichenbach and Sales Manager Adam Tortora kicked off the meeting, with Reichenbach giving a presentation about the company’s three-year-old building, the design of which allows for “total vehicle sales and service under one roof to serve customer needs.” A tour of the facility was included in the evening meeting.

Commissioner Gregory May of Nassau County Taxi & Limousine Commission (TLC) spoke of the newly established entity, which was created at the end of 2014 in an effort to crack down on the area’s proliferation of TNCs and is expecting to be fully operational by the end of the summer. May said that the commission wishes to develop a good relationship with the industry while also working with state and local police for assistance—as well as the region’s black-car operators; while Consumer Affairs establishes the regulations, it will be up to the commission to enforce them.

“We desire to work with you as legitimate operators who can assist us with those who skirt the laws,” May said. He added that the commission is looking for an industry representative from within LILA to hold a TLC seat.

In an effort to not only focus on the business aspect of the industry but also address its members’ health, The Mojo Coach Debi Silber brought her nutrition, fitness, diet, and energy expertise to the meeting, explaining how a good exercise routine allows for a good mental routine.

Jagiela capped off the meeting by speaking on behalf of Chauffeur Driven, offering up new details regarding both the upcoming Nashville Executive Retreat and October’s Miami show.

LILA’s next meeting will be July 28, and it also will be hosting a clam bake as well as a fishing trip this summer.

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