Driving Transactions
Tuesday, July 23, 2024


aleja seabron social media Social media, by definition, needs to be social. Your presence on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and especially Facebook are all opportunities not only for your clients to interact with you but also for you to show them the personal side of your company. And who doesn’t respond favorably to seeing that human element demonstrate some warmth while reminding your online audience that, at its core, your business is made up of hardworking people who care?

Performing an act of kindness through social media doesn’t have to be an overly complicated campaign that becomes more of a hassle than a gesture of genuine goodwill. It’s as simple as adopting a company culture that celebrates clients through demonstrations of gratitude in addition to your in-person interactions. Post a shout-out on social media or write a review for a job well done. Letting people know they’re worth big-hearted gestures, some unexpected kindness, or a surprise message on your social media channels will make them feel like rock stars—and likely to remember how good you made them feel.

A recent example was when Grace Limousine became an internet sensation with the #22Kill pushup challenge last year. Grace has been a longtime friend and client of The LMC Group, so it was a special delight when a video of “Papa” John Campbell went viral (check it out at goo.gl/acY0jf) not only within our industry but also throughout the country. Posting the video, tagging it correctly, and promoting it was my job.

One morning, I saw Papa John getting coffee. The delight on his face when I said that I knew him from the internet was priceless. When I found out that he wanted to read all the video comments “the old-fashioned way” in his chair with a stack of paper, I saw my opportunity: Within the hour, I had a 20-plus-page document ready to be printed out for his perusal. My motivation went beyond personal recognition, or even being asked; I did it because I care about my clients, and I knew it would make Papa happy.

Performing an act of kindness through social media doesn’t have to be an overly complicated campaign that becomes more of a hassle than a gesture of genuine goodwill."

While reciprocity should be less of a goal and more of a happy surprise, a more recent example demonstrates how mutually beneficial one act can be, and how it can have a ripple effect across digital platforms as well as real life. A dear friend was traveling to Florida for a series of meetings with an important client and she needed a professional chauffeur. I referred her to Mauricio Herrera at A Luxury Limo, with whom I hit it off immediately when we met at the Chauffeur Driven Show in D.C. this past October. My friend had a similar first impression, as she was floored by Mauricio’s friendly, professional service. In fact, he dazzled my friend and her client so much that they have vowed to only do business with him whenever they are in Miami.

A day or so after her meetings, my friend made her way to a local grocery store just before it closed. There she was in an unfamiliar city, panicking and standing with her bags in front of a closed store with an Uber app that wasn’t working (no surprise there). She called the only person she knew and trusted: Mauricio. When he pulled up, my friend said she could have cried in that moment: Mauricio was her knight in shining armor that day. The story doesn’t end there, though; she soon took to social media, leaving a glowing, in-depth review of A Luxury Limo on LinkedIn that praised her new friend’s service and ended with her saying she would give his company 11/10 stars if she could.

The point is, there are so many opportunities to go above and beyond, to leave a lasting impression, to make someone feel joy, all with a simple gesture or act of kindness. When the opportunity arises, I encourage you to seize the moment, make a lasting impression, and gain a client—and maybe even a friend—for life.

People don’t always remember what you’ve said or what you’ve done, but they will always remember how you made them feel. So go ahead and take to social media to share those wedding photos (with permission, of course), promote your clients’ corporate events, congratulate colleagues on a job well done, and support local charities and endorse the good work they are doing. Be a cheerleader, be funny, be personable, and let your personality shine. Your audience will take note of the kind of business owner and person you are, and maybe even do the same for you. [CD0417]

Aleja Seabron is the social media manager for The LMC Group. She can be reached at aleja@lmc.group.