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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

By Benjamin Park

Social media: These are two words that may strike fear into the hearts of some and scream opportunity to others. During this pandemic, we’ve seen many businesses choosing to up their digital reach while reaping rewards.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and even the likes of TikTok have opened doors to brand-new audiences that have genuinely kept companies in business. The platforms have several significant advantages over traditional marketing means: they’re instant, so any sudden transitions or new offerings can be communicated to your audience, and they’re measurable, so you can see quickly what is resonating and what isn’t.

Curtis Gabriel Social Media But for those who are looking to step up their game in this world, how do you attract an audience? In the big picture, the answer is far too expansive, but at the heart of it all is engaging and meaningful content. We’ve all been so focused on showcasing our safety measures and the return of corporate work since COVID, but the messaging doesn’t have to be complex to attract new and repeat customers who are looking to enjoy life after a very challenging year.

Focus on Key Dates
A staple of any great content strategy is a focus on campaigns surrounding key dates. These campaigns can be anything from specific discounts for veterans on Memorial Day all the way through to unique services designed especially for one-off occasions.

Another example would be Mother’s Day, as this presents an opportunity to create a one-time, price-fixed surprise for the client to treat their mom in one of your vehicles. This not only appeals to a demographic you want to target, but it also gives the opportunity to create engaging content. This will show that you’re a company that’s willing to move with the times and give your clients unique experiences that will make them choose you over your competitors for future transportation. Plus, it could produce two customers, if you impress both mom and the booking client.

Many companies in this industry are finding success with retail work these days, and there are literally thousands of holidays—traditional and wacky—that you can choose. For example, did you know that April 6 was National Student Athlete Day? Or that June was Great Outdoors Month? Or that May 6 is International No Diet Day (it’s also National Beverage Day, National Nurses Day, and National Tourist Appreciation Day). You get the picture; anything major or minor can be celebrated as a way to interest, amuse, or inspire your customers. Liaise with your marketing teams quarterly to discuss the dates ahead in the coming months and make sure these are actioned with a monthly call at least.

Looking for holidays? Try,, or

Concentrating on Your Unique Selling Points (USP)
What makes you different from your competitors and why aren’t you shouting about it at every opportunity? No matter whether it’s a better price point, better vehicles, better experience, or a service no one else is providing, this needs to be constantly reiterated across your social channels.

Having an in-place marketing team makes this process easy, as long as your priorities are aligned. If your focus is on private aviation, for example, let people know why you’re better than your competitors, persuade them to take the leap from their usual, and don’t give them any doubts that you’re the superior choice.

Differentiate Between Types of Content
It is often said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. If you’re posting the same content time and time again, you’re going to see the same sort of results. If that’s a positive thing, keep it going ... but tread lightly to avoid audience fatigue.

We’d always recommend differentiating your content, be it different focuses, mediums, or appeals. If your content is all sales, sales, sales, you’re limiting the amount of people you’re engaging, so why not try reposting an article that your target demographic may relate to? Or an exciting image or video of the city they’re so proud to live in? The more engaged your audience is with your content, the more likely they are to trust your services.

Know Your Audience
Do you know the kind of content that inspires your audience? Yes, every person is different, but you can get a best guess based on social media insights. The most liked restaurant, movie, bars, landmarks are all being tracked so you can get a clearer picture of your audience for you to utilize.

For example, if your audience’s favorite restaurants are doing a deal or a special night, why not publicize this on your platforms? This creates an opportunity for you to promote your company as a means of transportation to these events, with the other party likely to share your content in return.

This is just a glimpse into the range of different techniques that can be used to appeal to your individual markets. While you may all be from the same industry, that doesn’t necessarily mean that a type of content used in California is going to resonate the same way it does in New York and vice-versa, or even that two different companies in the same city will be able to produce the same kind of strategy.

It’s also important to be patient with your social media, because things will fail, and others will flourish. That doesn’t mean you should then pigeonhole yourself into just doing that, because with the ever-changing nature of social media, you can’t guarantee it will work next time.

Move with the times; move with social media.   [CD0421]

Benjamin Park is the senior US strategy specialist for digital marketing firm Curtis Gabriel. He can be reached at