Driving Transactions
Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Kitchener, Ontario—Brent Ferguson, CMO and Managing Director of Brentwood Livery in Ontario, completed his fifth annual Grand River Hospital Foundation (GRHF) Ride for Cancer in late August, raising $300,000 for the hospital’s cancer treatment program.

Ferguson’s father and Brentwood Livery founder David Ferguson lost his fight to cancer 6 years ago. His son, moved by the quality care he received in his last days from Grand River Hospital Cancer Centre, decided to do all he could do help.

“We all have someone close to us fighting cancer,” says Ferguson, “so we want to fight to provide the best possible care while they are going through it as well as resources to help beat this awful disease.”

Ferguson provided chauffeured rides home for all participants on the 115-kilometer ride (about 72 miles), which included Canadian Olympian cyclist Curt Harnett among other professional riders. The day ended with a post-ride barbeque and dinner also provided by Brentwood Livery.

For more information, visit thelimousinepeople.ca.