Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Bedford Hills, N.Y. — MTC Limousine & Corporate Coach recently launched its new MTCBuses.com website to focus on bus and coach transportation services for executive group travel, roadshows, and special events. The website features MTC Corporate Coach’s full fleet of vans, mini-coaches, and luxury motor-coaches, offering personalized solutions for any size and style of groups. With more than 550 locations worldwide, MTC Corporate Coach has the fleet, resources, technology, and solutions to fulfill the ground transportation needs of small and large groups for local, national and worldwide travels.

“We’ve worked with thousands of groups over the years, providing flexible, reliable and convenient transportation for meetings and events of all types,” said Trevor Franklin, president of MTC Limousine & Corporate Coach. “This service turned into one of our top revenue streams, and we’re committed to increasing the visibility of such services, while providing exceptional value in terms of both service and the information we supply to those planning an event or meeting.”

The MTCBuses.com website also allows for targeted SEO campaigns. Created in partnership with marketing company DriveProfit, the goal of the website is to highlight MTC Corporate Coach’s growth within the group travel sector, attain targeted visibility in the group meeting management space, and create a place where meeting managers can find the information they need and obtain customized quotes with ease.

Further, the website’s quoting system is an indispensable marketing tool for MTC Corporate Coach. Through the system, customers can request a personalized quote for their group transportation needs, and within moments, the information is relayed to the company’s scheduling team. Employees can then respond using personalized template emails, allowing them further control in the way they communicate with interested parties. Additionally, all potential customers who request a quote opt-in to receive marketing and news emails from MTC Corporate Coach, allowing for targeted drip marketing campaigns and additional conversions down the road.

“Our team works together to develop customer facing web tools that not only make the consumer’s life easier, but allows businesses to increase web traffic, capture quality leads, and maintain a database of marketable consumers, while reducing overall costs,” said Pat Charla, president and creative director of DriveProfit. “The quoting tool is just a portion of the new automated marketing suite, and it’ll be rolled out over the next 60 days.”

MTC Limousine & Corporate Coach will maintain a separate online presence for its limousine and luxury car chauffeured ground transportation services, MTCLimousine.com. Founded in 1986, MTC Limousine has grown to become one of the largest ground transportation services firms in the United States.

Visit MTCBuses.com for more information.