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Saturday, March 02, 2024

Louisville, Ky.—Chantz McPeek, industrial fire coordinator with the Kentucky State Fire Commission, visited the latest meeting of the Kentucky Limousine Association (KLA) this January to discuss the development of custom, fire safety training programs for chauffeurs in light of the limousine-related combustion tragedies that occurred in 2013. These safety programs are slated to begin in February. KLA Vice President NeVelle Skaggs, who is also a firefighter, will be assisting with the various seminars and training programs for state certification.

Al Barber, fleet sales manager with Germain Cadillac in Columbus, Ohio, also made a presentation at the meeting, highlighting the dealership’s newest vehicles and promotions. Germain Cadillac is the closest Cadillac dealer to the Louisville area.

Officer Jared Newberry, friend and ally to KLA, dropped by to update the association as he continues to fight the good fight against illegal operators, which are quite prevalent in the state of Kentucky. Officer Newberry and his team have been actively responding to reports of those that are flagrantly disregarding the state transportation laws by issuing citations and even bringing one case to court.

The next KLA meeting will take place on March 10 and 11 at Harrah’s in Chicago, Ill.

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