Saturday, July 04, 2020

Van Hool Flip Van Hool, CEO of Van Hool (© Wim Kempenaers [WKB])Faribault, Minn. — Plans are in their final stages for Van Hool to begin building an American-based production facility later this year in Tennessee for the manufacture of diesel-powered transit city buses. ABC Companies, the exclusive North American distributor of Van Hool motorcoaches, and the manufacturer agree that offering the premium quality Van Hool line for transit-based applications is a natural product extension and an exciting opportunity for market expansion. As they enter the public market, the partners will target public agencies and private operators.

"We are focused on offering a proven product that can enable rapid market expansion into broader, more diverse service sectors," adds Dane Cornell, president and CEO at ABC Companies. Additional private transit applications include providing and augmenting service for municipalities, county, state and federal agencies; corporate employee shuttles; university and school bus shuttles; connector services; and more. Roman Cornell, ABC Companies executive vice president and chief commercial officer, adds, "The new Van Hool transit product will offer a potential win-win for all stakeholders."

While Van Hool has enjoyed previous acceptance in the US and Canadian transit markets with upwards of 550 bus deliveries in past years, the new production facility is a conduit for meeting "Buy America" compliance that will establish a strengthened presence in the US market. A southeastern US location has been selected for the new plant site with plant opening and production commissioning by the year 2020. The factory will be capable of producing 400 units in its first year of operation, and is modeled after Van Hool's state-of-the-art Macedonia production facility where the market-leading Van Hool CX45 and CX35 vehicles are currently fabricated. Initial production will include diesel-powered vehicles, with plans to quickly ramp up for production and delivery of CNG and electric-powered models to buyers nationwide.

"Our experience and insights over 30 years are forming our vision for this future facility," stated CEO Filip Van Hool. "America is our second home. We love the American mind-set and we are fortunate to have a lifetime partner who shares our business philosophy and desire to see and seize new opportunities."

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