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Monday, March 04, 2024

Charlotte, N.C.— The Charlotte Regional Limousine Association (CRLA) held its monthly meeting on January 28, and much like other limousine associations, Uber and apps like it are the most pressing of discussion topics.

First and foremost on the CRLA’s agenda was to announce that on Thursday, February 13, the Charlotte City Council will be holding a Safety Committee meeting to address the various concerns that rouge apps raise. CRLA hopes for a large turnout to show support for the black car industry in the Charlotte area, and the association wants to make the committee aware that the livery industry, as a whole, is concerned with safety as well.

The meeting will take place in the Charlotte Government Building, room 280.

CRLA is also trying to combat all of the other rogue apps—also known as transportation network companies (TNCs)—with their Passenger/Vehicle for Hire Board (PVHB) which is managed by the Charlotte Police Department. CRLA and PVHB are attempting to squash all TCNs in the Charlotte area by enforcing the long-standing transportation laws already in place in the state of North Carolina. The final point of interest that was discussed was the penultimate question of what vehicle should replace the Lincoln Town Car in Charlotte area fleets (yes, it’s still an issue). A list of suitable replacements will be presented to the licensing authorities for approval. The list will include all the cars that are currently being shown at the various industry shows and events (e.g., Toyota Avalon, Cadillac XTS, Lincoln MKT, etc.).

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