Driving Transactions
Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Meridian Tourismo Photo 287324TThe Meridian "Tourismo" Las Vegas, Nev.— Meridian Specialty Vehicles, a Las Vegas, Nevada-based, Mercedes-Benz approved bus manufacturer unveiled its new Sprinter-based “Tourismo” midsize luxury motorcoach bus product line at the United Motorcoach Association (UMA) Expo in Los Angeles, CA.

The high-end Tourismo is Meridian’s newest in a growing number of product offerings on the popular and eco-friendly Mercedes-Benz Sprinter platform, designed specifically for tour, charter and limousine operators.

The Tourismo’s standard six-foot interior ceiling height, 24-foot overall length, multiple high-end European-style reclining seating configurations including bench, booth or forward-facing arrangements, individual overhead air controls and reading lights, PA system, LED mood and cabin lighting, wood grain commercial flooring, video system, over-sized ducted air conditioning and heating, integrated backup camera, skylights and more, truly redefines luxury travel in a midsize platform.

Available options normally reserved exclusively for the Tourismo’s behemoth brothers and sisters include mobile Wi-Fi, fire suppression system, infotainment solutions, 110 Volt/USB passenger power outlets, privacy curtains, tire pressure monitoring, even fully-equipped lavatories. In all, over 100 options are available to customize every bus for each operator’s individual tastes and requirements for comfort and safety.

“With best-in-class 11,030-pound GVWR, incredibly smooth, quiet and comfortable ride quality and ultra-efficient and notoriously long-lasting diesel engines, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter was our immediate platform choice for the Tourismo midsize tour bus to answer to our charter clients’ ongoing demand for a sub-20 passenger luxury touring coach," says David Ronsen, President and CEO of Meridian Specialty Vehicles. “Tour guests have become accustomed to high-end accommodations and tour operators are expected to provide luxurious buses, regardless of group size. Until now, operators have had few options other than to operate 40-, 50- or even 60-passenger coaches for a 15 passenger group. When calculating associated fuel and maintenance costs, that practice simply doesn’t add up. The Tourismo solves the problem with a very cost-effective, fully-equipped mini tour bus that achieves an astounding 300+ passenger miles per gallon. Operators will love the best-in-class amenities, including our exclusive luggage bay door and storage system and their passengers will love the privacy and panoramic views provided by the Sprinter’s ample, narrow-framed windows and Meridian’s exclusive glass plug door.”

Visit meridiansv.com for more information.