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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

BusBank Chicago, Ill. — BusBank, the group transportation booking platform of choice for professional sports teams, music festivals, Fortune 500 companies, and event planners, has acquired Buster, a startup designed to book group transportation online.

BusBank, which allows travelers to book group transportation in three easy steps, has a presence in 135 metro areas, and has done charters in all 50 states and every province in Canada.

“Everyone from the admin who plans company trips to the association organizing a major convention knows the pain of booking group transportation,” said Buster CEO Harald Kruse. “This market is demanding more technology, and we’re bringing it to them.”

Currently, the group transportation industry is a manual, phone-driven, and time-intensive process. BusBank and Buster are looking to create a simple booking experience similar to what travelers use for booking plane tickets, rental cars and other travel products, whether they’re booking a single party van or a fleet of 100 buses.

Buster “[Booking coachwork] is confusing and overwhelming for human resource teams, event planners, and everyday people who need to make a simple booking for bus transportation,” said BusBank General Manager Brandon Dudley. “Our approach at solving this problem brings simplicity, reliability, and industry experience to group travel planning.”

BusBank and Buster say their travel and transportation experience sets them apart. Several BusBank and Buster leaders have experience with Priceline: Kruse was a director of account management at the company, and Jeffery Boyd, chairman of the board at Priceline, will be a future board member of BusBank and Buster. In addition, key members of the leadership team at Lancer Insurance Company, a leader in transportation insurance, are invested in BusBank, including David Delaney, Lancer Financial Group’s CEO and president.

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