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Monday, July 22, 2019

San Francisco — Deem, a mobile and cloud technology provider for the business travel industry, has announced the launch of Deem Emerging, a new travel booking and management experience created for small to mid-sized corporations to better manage their travel programs.

Deem Emerging is a mobile-first, self-service solution for corporations with small to mid-sized travel programs and fewer customization needs. It provides the most “traveler-loved” features of Deem’s enterprise level platform, Work Fource, and the integrated service provisions of Adelman Travel, at a cost-effective scale.

“Our mission at Deem is to optimize traveler convenience and help financial and operations leaders lower travel costs inside their companies,” said John F. Rizzo, CEO, COO and president, Deem. “Deem Emerging is the only solution that solves both of these problems, with traveler-friendly design, access to more content, and enterprise-level functionality.”

Deem Emerging is a proven platform, accessible via desktop and mobile, anywhere, anytime, with industry winning uptime, and the industry’s fastest user interaction speed. More than 47,000 Deem customers use a similar platform to book hundreds of thousands of trips a year and save their companies thousands of dollars in travel spend. The platform is easily self-configured by corporations in a matter of minutes and offers critical features travelers need to book and manage their trips.

Deem Emerging is designed to grow with the corporation—as their travel program expands, so does the travel booking and management experience. Corporations can move seamlessly to Deem Work Fource and into fully customized features and high-level support.

Corporations can super-charge their travel management ease and savings with the Deem-powered booking experience, by providing essential functionality, including:

  • Easy configuration in less than 5 minutes to speed deployment
  • Managing end-to-end travel itineraries that align with traveler preferences and corporate spending 
  • Search results from Google, Sabre, and Travelport 
  • Free and automatic 24-hour check-in for Southwest Airlines
  • Personalized air, hotel, and car recommendations
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