Sunday, March 29, 2020

Arthur Messina Founder & President of Create-A-Card and Managing Director of Driving Results Arthur Messina Charlotte, N.C. — Industry mainstay Arthur Messina, founder & president of Create-A-Card and managing director of Driving Results, has announced the relocation of his two companies. The native New Yorker recently moved to Charlotte with his wife/partner Kathy, and will house the office of the Driving Results global operator peer groups in his new hometown.

Meanwhile, Create-A-Card has just moved into a larger office in Smithtown, N.Y. Messina and his wife will telecommute with the office, while their son Drew Messina has been promoted to director of operations and will oversee the activities in-house.

Kathy Messina Vice President of Create-A-Card Kathy Messina “I’m excited to have Drew running the office,” says Arthur. “He’s been with the company part-time for several years, but has been learning the ropes full-time since the beginning of the year. Kathy and I are still very hands on with day-to-day operations, so it’s business as usual.”

Driving Results’ new base of operations not only gives Messina and his wife a break from the hustle—and brutal winters—of New York, but also offers him a quicker route to the airport and travel in general.

“Moving to Charlotte gives us easier access to be on the road and see operators around the country,” explains Arthur. “We are centrally located, which is great for flying out to the Driving Results meetings. Even better, now we have a 20-minute door-to-terminal commute to the Charlotte airport, as opposed to the 90-minute drive we had in New York. You can’t buy back time, and this will improve our work-life balance, allowing us to work smarter, not harder.”

Drew Messina Director of Operations of Create-A-Card Drew Messina Although the move was a bit of a culture shock for the long-time Long Island resident—finding good bagels and New York-style pizza required a bit of effort—they are moved by the reception they are receiving by operators and clients in North Carolina.

“Our clients and friends in the Charlotte area have welcomed us with open arms, and I feel that we now have family in this area,” he says. “I always talk about our ‘limo family,’ but it’s really true.”

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