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Monday, September 23, 2019

Exclusive Sedan The Exclusive Sedan Service team at their new location in Van Nuys, Calif. Van Nuys, Calif. — Rapid growth and operational expansion has led Exclusive Sedan Service to move to a new premises on Densmore Avenue in the Central San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles.

CEO Brandan Stein says the new location is a big step forward for the family-owned business. His parents Ron and Jackie Stein originally founded the company back in 1980, and since then it has grown extensively to incorporate a much wider range of transportation options and vehicle types.

“The company has been operating for 38 years, and we were in our previous location for 15 years,” explains Brandan. “The business was growing and expanding into new areas, and we were simply running out of warehouse space.”

The changes are drastic. The new location is about three times the size of their previous premises.

“We’ve gone from having 3,000 square feet to around 8,000 to 9,000 square feet with this move. This will give us much more room for our growing fleet of vehicles,” says Stein.

Previously, Exclusive stored 20 vehicles off-site at a location that was far and inconvenient to travel. Now, the storage site is now located right next door to the new location, making access to these vehicles much quicker and easier.

The company also plans to use the additional warehouse space to employ teams of in-house mechanics and auto detailing staff rather than outsourcing these functions. This will allow them to have more control over the process and further streamline their operations to save on unnecessary costs and increase efficiencies.

There are other advantages involved in moving to another part of the city, too: “Our new space is more centrally located for the Studios, and we are also much closer to LAX,” says Stein. “This will increase the company’s ability to respond quickly to trip requests and save time on journeys between headquarters and these popular L.A. destinations.”

However, despite the change in location, Exclusive insists that their clientele will see no change in service. “For our clients, everything stays the same—they won’t notice a difference, which is how it should be,” explains Stein. “The company is committed to providing the same exceptional standard of service to its customers, with a focus on expertise and professionalism at every level of the business. The new location will simply make this process a whole lot easier, quicker, and more efficient.”

The entire company is looking forward to using the new location as a catalyst to continue their impressive growth over the coming years.

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