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Monday, February 24, 2020

Aadvanced Limousine staffers customized chairs for the Office Chair Derby Indianapolis, Ind. — Aadvanced Limousine found a unique way to turn the receipt of some new office furniture into a team-building activity for their staff. On January 11, the company held their first-ever Office Chair Derby for members of their in-house team. Aadvanced Co-owner Ken Carter came up with the idea after the company renovated its office at the end of 2018.

“We surprised our staff with new comfortable office chairs after the new year. Our sales team had its best year ever in 2018, and we wanted to do something nice for them. After all, they’re sitting on them for 6-8 hours at a time, and the old chairs were hard and flat.”

At the starting line with Aadvanced Co-owners Ken and Kristie Carter (far left) Once the new chairs arrived, Carter decided to put the old furniture to use in a manner only fitting for an Indianapolis native. The company’s garage was transformed into a make-shift racetrack, while each two-person team was encouraged to customize their racing “vehicle.” Carter then created tournament brackets and hyped the event on the company’s private employee Facebook group. Once the race began, video of the derby was put on social media for all the company’s followers to witness (Check it out here: Despite two teams—including one consisting of Carter and his sister/co-owner Kristie—tying at the finish line, all the participants were winners: Each received a $50 gift card to a local steak restaurant.

Carter sees activities like this as important to the company. Not only does it give the staff time away from the daily grind and have a few laughs, it also gives him the chance to interact with them in more relaxed way.

“When our management changed two years ago, I made a real effort to improve our company culture. So, we try to do an event for our staff every month as a reward for their hard work. Operators should realize that you can’t have an amazing company without an amazing culture.”

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