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Sunday, August 18, 2019

Hy’s Limousine Vice President Matt Levine on Eyewitness News 3 in Connecticut West Haven, Conn. — Hy’s Limousine Worldwide Transportation has been put in the local spotlight for taking steps to assist federal workers affected by the seemingly endless government shutdown. The luxury ground transportation provider was recently featured on Connecticut’s Eyewitness News 3 offering part-time work for those furloughed without pay.

Hy’s Vice President Matt Levine was interviewed on-air at the company’s headquarters by reporter Matt McFarland.

“It’s pretty frustrating and I think most people feel helpless, there’s not really much you can do about it, it’s out of our hands,” said Levine. “You see on the news where restaurants are opening up for different meals, offering things up and we just kind of thought, ‘hey, what can we do?’.”

Levine stated that the operation, which has three locations in West Haven, New Britain, and Greenwich, has part-time positions available for those looking to make money.

“We always have part time jobs available; we sort of have a rolling hiring process,” Levine told McFarland. He also pointed out that positions are open across the company, including in the garage, office, reservations, dispatch, and accounting departments, and of course, chauffeurs.

According to Levine, applicants can visit any of Hy’s three locations in person or apply online.

“If we can help one person, then fantastic,” he said.

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