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Monday, February 24, 2020

Mary Johnson is the affiliate manager for Limousine Connection, Alliance Limousine New York, and Grossmann Limousine ServicePayson, Ariz. — As of March 1, familiar industry face Mary Johnson is now part of the Limousine Connection, bringing her affiliate management acumen to three global companies.

In addition to her role with Limousine Connection, which serves Utah’s Salt Lake City and Park City as well as well as Jackson Hole, Wy., Johnson also serves as the affiliate manager for Alliance Limousine New York and Grossmann Limousine Service in Zurich, Switzerland.

She said that adding a third company to her roster is a natural progression, as she would rather zero in on the aspects of the job that she enjoys the most instead of assuming the multifaceted role the industry’s affiliate managers and director play by necessity.

“Most affiliate managers wear a lot of different hats, as we all know,” Johnson said. “But by representing more than one company in this one specific capacity, I get to wear one hat with lots of different logos—and since I won’t be switching hats all the time, I can focus on strengthening our affiliate relationships by playing to both my strengths and interests."

Johnson believes that zeroing in on affiliate management exclusively will be a professional benefit to not only herself but also the companies she represents. 

"I feel that focusing on just the affiliate aspects of these three companies will make me a stronger affiliate manager and, in turn, help streamline these companies’ affiliate programs by applying the same set of standards and practices to them,” she said.

She welcomes anyone needing transportation and affiliate services in any of the regions her companies cover to contact her at,, and