Saturday, November 27, 2021
PrevostGreat Canadian Coaches added three 2019 Prevost H3-45
coaches to their fleet
St. Claire, Quebec—Great Canadian Coaches recently added three 2019 Prevost H3-45 models to its fleet bringing their coach count to 60—including the five H3-45 coaches delivered last year. Founded in 1984, by group tour veterans Larry and Lorna Hundt, the Kitchener, Ontario-based company is a member of the Trailways Transportation System.

“The purchase of the newest model coaches is in accordance with our company’s goal to adjust and modernize the fleet to 50 units while maintaining a strict 10-year model range. This new operating structure will include 42 Prevost H3-45s,” explained Great Canadian Coaches President Larry Hundt.

The Hundt’s longstanding relationship with Prevost dates back to 1990 when they purchased their first H-Series coach to run in Southern Ontario. Hundt says he chose the Prevost flagship coach for its large and inviting panoramic windows. “I wanted my customers to have the best scenic views and Prevost was the obvious choice to provide that feature,” said Hundt.

In addition to the Prevost Electric Fan Drive and standard safety systems, the new H3-45 models purchased by Great Canadian offer a surround-view camera system that provides the driver a full view of the areas immediately surrounding the coach.

The company plans to use the video feature to monitor driver performance regarding following distance and handling in tight spaces, in order to ultimately improve passenger comfort and safety.

The striking graphics that dress each Great Canadian coach denote the company’s pride in promoting Canadian unity. Their patriotism and creativity earned the Hundts the prestigious Meritorious Medal presented by Canada’s Governor General in 2018. The patriotic theme carries into the interior, where each custom-upholstered seat displays Canada’s iconic red maple leaf stitched onto the deep rich blue seating fabric and red piping.

Great Canadian Coaches serves a loyal customer base throughout Southern Ontario and in U.S. states along the border; providing group travel tours, transportation of in-bound international groups, corporate and sports team transport as well as airport transfers and custom charters.

PrevostPrevost H3-45s coach branded for All Aboard America! Meanwhile, more than 3,000 miles south in Mesa, Ariz., All Aboard America! is acquiring four 2019 H3-45s this year to add to their predominantly Prevost fleet. The company currently offers coach charters, scheduled daily route and express service in rural communities, as well as contracted coach services for park and ride facilities, casino runs, employee shuttles, and custom contracts.

All Aboard America! takes pride in its original and unique graphic design plans that ensure no two coaches will look exactly alike.

“The most striking feature of these newest Prevost’s is their vibrant color schemes,” says General Manager Eugene Thomas. “One is painted neon Lamborghini yellow; the other a rich metallic copper with our trademark flourishes that really add spice to our branding.”

In addition to the head-turning colors, Thomas says the all-new black wheel rims add to the “hot rod” look. “This touch is creating a lot of buzz,” he says. “We are just trying features we think no one has seen to this point.”

The new H3-45s feature the standard Prevost Electric Fan Drive. All Aboard America! was the first operator to demo the fan drive system prior to production The company was so impressed, based on their technicians’ feedback, they decided to retrofit the fan assembly on a 2013 model H3-45.

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