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Tuesday, January 31, 2023
ADMEIADMEI President-Elect Alaina Tobar of PRA Northern California Bastrop, Texas—The Association of Destination Management Executives International (ADMEI) recently announced that its Board has appointed Alaina Tobar to the vacant position of President-Elect.

Michelle Crosby was required to step down as President-Elect earlier this year when she was named General Manager of Hosts Texas, a new start-up destination management company. ADMEI Bylaws require that a board-member’s organization be a company member; while Hosts Texas meets all Provisional member criteria, it lacks being in business for three years or more to qualify for full company membership.

“It’s an exciting time to be in destination management, and opening Hosts Texas has been an exhilarating experience. Although I’m sad to cut my five-year board tenure short as I transition my career in a new direction, I look forward to remaining active within ADMEI. I anticipate that the current leadership has wonderful things in store for the organization,” says Crosby.

“We all celebrate Michelle’s exciting career advancement and are thrilled to learn of Hosts Texas inception. Unfortunately, however, that means our board temporarily loses an amazing officer and member of the Executive Committee,” adds ADMEI’s Executive Vice President Val Delaney. “We are so thankful that Michelle continues to serve as a volunteer leader and mentor, and we look forward to her rejoining the board in the future!”

Tobar, Regional General Manager of PRA Northern California and the ADMEI Board’s Vice President of Administration, was tapped to succeed Crosby and complete her term as President-Elect. Tobar joined PRA in 2011 and was instrumental in successfully opening the PRA Hawaii office in 2013. Shortly after returning to the mainland, she was tasked to serve as General Manager, heading up the PRA Northern California team. Over the years, Tobar worked her way from the ground up, gaining firsthand experience in the various roles within a business events management firm. She has served as ADMEI’s Conference Chair and currently chairs ADMEI’s Emergency Preparedness Certificate Program (EPCP).

“I am confident that Alaina Tobar is a wonderful choice for President-Elect based on her unwavering commitment to ADMEI initiatives from her first day on the Board; and her outstanding vision and organizational skills for our recent 2019 ADMEI conference and the EPCP. I am looking forward to working with Alaina in her new role,” says ADMEI Board President Robert Lee of Spaintacular.

“We will miss Michelle’s leadership, and we wish her the absolute best as General Manager of Hosts Texas,” said Tobar. “All circumstances considered, I look forward to moving into the position of President-Elect, while continuing to promote the value of ADMEI. My experiences through this organization have always been so rewarding from the educational opportunities to networking with DMC colleagues from around the world. I’m eager to dive in and continue to push ADMEI and our industry forward.”

A ballot will be distributed to ADMEI voting members to approve the new President-Elect, which allows for her to succeed to the office of President at the end of the existing term.

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