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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

UPDATED 4/22—Industry vendors and operators alike are rallying their resources and seeking solutions as we all navigate this unprecedented crisis—together. Like industry associations, suppliers and vendors are reassuring a nervous industry in a big way and demonstrating their commitment to help all of us come out stronger. This list is ever-growing and FAR from exhaustive, so if we don't have your company listed, please let us know so we can add yours! And please share with your industry friends and peers. We commend every company that has stepped up, offered assistance, shared funny posts, or just pledged their optimism. Stay strong!

Operators Sharing Resources
A Goff Motorcoaches: Offering a free “corona cash flow” calculator https://bit.ly/3adB3tL

EmpireCLS/NLA: A thorough how-to cleaning video courtesy of David Seelinger https://www.limo.org/page/COVID-19

Access Commercial Capital: Offering case-by-case solutions for operators https://bit.ly/2QVMEq3

Ally: Offering deferments up to 90 days on a case-by-case basis (thanks to David Bastian of Towne Livery for sharing via Facebook). Call 888.925.2559 to discuss options

Auto One Capital: Publically offered deferments. Contact Mike Villani at mvillani@external.santander.us or call 516.551.6411

Century Business Solutions: Providing customer payment portal at no cost, waiving start-up fees on all solutions https://bit.ly/2Uyi6vg

Chosen Payments: No fee processing for three months and additional information is coming as of 3/23 (check Facebook for more info) https://bit.ly/2UwZko3

Ford Motor Credit: Offering deferments on a case-by-case basis up to 90 days; visit fordcreditsupport.com or call 800.723.4016

Grech Financial Services dba Edson Financial: Edson Financial has been working endlessly to meet all Grech Motors requests to defer payments with all loan underwriters. In an email from President Nicholas Rocco on 3/18: “In the event you would like to apply for a payment modification, contact your Edson Financial sales manager to let us know. To correct a misleading rumor, there will be no loan modification documentation fees; all such doc fees are waived. Through our extensive relationships, we will work hard to assist you in any way we can with our financing partners’ modification decision process.” Contact Jose Padilla at jpadilla@edsonfinancial.com or 951.688.8367

Wells Fargo: A representative on a UMA call announced that they are offering 30-, 60-, and 90-day deferments https://bit.ly/39ddxvG

Falls Lake Insurance: Policyholder email: “Effective 03/18/2020, Falls Lake will allow vehicles on policies to be either deleted from the policy or allow vehicle coverage to be modified to include ‘specified causes of loss’ or ‘comprehensive’ physical damage coverage only, without requiring a proof of sale or lease termination agreement.” Falls Lake is allowing policies to remain in force with one vehicle and no longer requiring tags to be turned in in many cases (thanks to Joseph Madiedo of Professional Insurance Center for info). Contact your agent for more info

Most industry insurers: Set up programs for reduced premiums on parking vehicles (contact your broker for specifics); Lancer Insurance’s announcement https://bit.ly/2y4VtHl

Northland Insurance: May amend the policies for limited use/vehicle types based on the insured’s written request. One unit must have at least limited use liability coverage to keep the policy in force. All endorsements should be effective the date the request was received. Accounts with these limited use rates must be moved back to full use rates at the end of the Impacted Period (March 20-May 31); subject to a written statement from the insured that attests that certain units are not in use and identifies the specific vehicles (year, make, VIN) that are not being used, you may delete these vehicles from the policy for liability, comprehensive, and collision coverages. The insured must report to you and add any vehicle back to the policy if it is put in use again or must be added back at the end of the Impacted Period, whichever is first. “Limited use” is defined as parked vehicles not being driven. If the insured is using the vehicles to transport passengers, they should be on the policy at full usage (thanks to Joseph Madiedo of Professional Insurance Center for info)

RLI Insurance: According to an email from President Dan Meyer: “Effective immediately, RLI Transportation is offering you the ability to temporarily suspend your insurance coverage without charge, as an alternative to deleting vehicles and coverages or canceling your policies. This coverage suspension can be applied to all or a portion of the fleet, and if needed, physical damage only coverage can be maintained on specified vehicles. There will be no premium charged for suspended coverage during the time of suspension just as though these vehicles and or coverages were deleted from the policy. To suspend coverage, we require you to send a signed request to your agent, attaching a schedule of vehicles currently insured with each marked ‘suspend,’ ‘full coverage,’ or ‘physical damage only.’ The policies will be endorsed and installment payments adjusted based on the change in coverage. If you want to put a suspended vehicle back in service, we can reactivate coverage upon request from you through your agent, at the pro-rated annual rate. No coverage will apply while suspended, and vehicles cannot be driven until re-activated.” Contact your agent for more info

ABC Companies: As of 3/19, facilities are open and maintaining critical services, including parts, mobile service teams, and technical call center https://bit.ly/33IfeAo; released a video in support of the industry on 4/3 to send to representatives https://bit.ly/2JzU2TB

Grech Motors: In an email from VP of Sales & Marketing AJ Thurber: “The entire Grech Motors team is here to serve you during this difficult time. Our sales, service, warranty, and parts teams are on standby to meet all of your needs.” Contact Grech at 855.994.7324

MCI: Service centers are open for parts and service support; technical and roadside assistance is still available by calling 800.241.2947

Prevost: In an 4/16 email from Prevost: "Our Service Centers remain open with contact-free drop-off as well as contact-free parts pickup.  Our Customer Support team is a phone call away and our Warranty team is also available.  Call our PASS line at 800.463.7738 for assistance 24 hrs a day/7 days a week." 

Create-A-Card: Offering free eblasts (new blasts added on 4/8) https://bit.ly/3bmd1Nm

J.J. Keller & Associates: Free whitepaper on how to handle coronavirus-related employee issues https://bit.ly/2QGLNsT

Limo U: Offering his CSR and other training for free; also, frequent helpful podcasts and videos with industry people https://soundcloud.com/limouniversity. Contact Bill Faeth at bill@limogrowth.com or visit the Limo Growth Facebook page

The LMC Groups: Actionable business plans for all areas of operations; also, frequent helpful blog posts and videos https://bit.ly/2xYSxfb

Limo & Bus Compliance: A guide to furloughs/layoffs for DOT drivers https://bit.ly/2QDbTNG

PAX Training: Free safety training videos for office staff and chauffeurs https://bit.ly/3bnSs36

Strategy Leaders: Pledged support to clients on Facebook: “To our clients, we want to reassure you that we're here for you regardless of compensation and will keep working with you.” Hosted a Q&A webinar on 4/1 with Andy Hernandez of CTA and Dave Uziel of UrbanBCN on setting up a remote workforce https://bit.ly/3azN25j

FASTTRAK: On March 23, FASTTRAK Technologies supplied a list of cost-saving recommendations to all of its clients. FASTTRAK’s technology ecosystem already provides decreasing fees for services based on lower volumes that are baked into its platform but users were reminded that certain fixed ADD-ON services such as Flight-Tracking, SMS, possibly DEEM, GroundSpan, etc., need to be evaluated to see if turning them off is in the best interest of clients. FASTTRAK is waiving all cancellation and re-activation fees during this pandemic event. CEO and Founder Eddie McCoy also advised clients on how to use the built-in customizable system statuses to identify those reservation cancellations associated with the pandemic for future reporting. FASTTRAK’s founder is CPA and a 33-year veteran of the industry and stands willing to advise any of its clients, informally and without charge, of what he thinks is a wise direction during these trying times. Contact Eddie McCoy at support@fasttrakcloud.com

GroundWidgets/GroundSpan: A 3/18 email message from the executive management team to clients offered several cost-saving options, depending upon the platforms used (contact 201.693.4150 if you are a customer and did not receive the email, need to discuss options, or have special circumstances); emergency support continues to operate as normal

Hudson Software: Pledged support to industry on Facebook; if you need immediate assistance, call 978.531.1115 and ask for Technical Support, Cliff, Maren, or Gustavo https://bit.ly/2JeAzYF

Limo Anywhere: Effective 3/25, Limo Anywhere has released a new cancellation status which operators who have coronavirus-related cancellations can use to exclude these trips from their net booking volume. Starting in early April, payment tiers will be based on March volume; follow link here for instructions (must be done before 3/31). Also adding a custom status to indicate if cancellation is due to coronavirus (which can aid in loan applications and loss reports). For smaller operators already in Starter tier, monthly fees are temporarily reduced to $69. Also, offering last year's LA Academy training free of charge https://bit.ly/2wGmKiP

Livery Coach: In a series of emails starting on 3/13, Livery Coach took a proactive approach to the developing crisis and presented a multi-pronged approach to its clients including: Cost cutting: Livery Coach offered multiple expense reduction options, including discounts, deferments, and system reconfigurations so that each client could custom tailor the solution that worked best for their situation. Reporting: Livery Coach also distributed a variety of reporting ideas and tips to assist its clients in gathering supporting information that could be used for potential government assistance (such as payroll data, cancellation data, etc.). “We are closely monitoring the situation and are committed to helping our customers get through this difficult time,” said President David Hirsch. “While we don’t think it’s a quick fix, we are continuing full-steam ahead with product development and enhancements so that our customers will be better equipped than ever once recovery begins.” Contact caralyn@liverycoach.com to make adjustments

Translogic Tech: From Partner Ray Gavino: "Hi everyone, we are all on the edge due to the pandemic situation. One thing we can do to help our partners at Translogic Tech is that we can turn off/suspend connectivity and connectivity fees for parked vehicles. Every penny counts, right? Call us at 866.959.3226 or email info@translogictech.com anytime if you want to take advantage of this."

Zipwhip: Hosted a webinar on March 31 on how to communicate with customers during the crisis via text https://bit.ly/2J9wCV2

Alternative Claims Management: In an email to customers: "The ACM damage recovery team is working diligently during this time to drive “hidden” income to fleet owners in today’s environment, while seeking the right balance between compassion and continued business operations. Our 50+ team members are working remotely to ensure the same quality of service we have provided for the last 22 years. As damage recovery experts, we actively fight insurance companies to recover Loss of Revenue, Diminution of Value, and other losses you may be entitled to from not-at-fault accidents. ACM is strictly a performance-based service, and we are offering a free claims analysis/loss run review (up to 6 years, depending on the state) to reveal insurance funds that historically go uncollected." Contact results@altclaim.com or call 407.554.4000

Did we miss you? Know of a company that’s helping the industry? Please contact Managing Editor Susan Rose at susan@chauffeurdriven.com so we can share it with our readers.

Updated as of 4/22/20