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Tuesday, March 05, 2024

As coach operators are seeking solutions to keep their traveling passengers safe in the age of this pandemic, Irizar USA, the exclusive U.S. dealer and distributor of Irizar motorcoaches, has debuted several new products that can help with those efforts.

Irizar Irizar's passenger shields

Plexiglass barriers have been popping up as the first line of defense in many industries, and has been recommended for use by OSHA in vehicles to help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so Irizar has innovated shields that protect drivers and passengers alike. The clear shields are easily bolted around the driver’s cabin and on the back of each seat to provide an additional level of safety without impacting visibility or impeding conversation between passengers. These partitions fit all Irizar models, are removable, and can be installed by Irizar service professionals or by your own maintenance team.

The fear of breathing “recycled” air in a closed space has long been cited as a concern for passengers who want to travel but worry about exposure to viruses. For a more active method of protection, the eco3 air purifier—developed by Irizar’s sister company Hispacold—attaches to the HVAC system and uses negative ionic technology, which can be effective in reducing viruses, bacteria, unpleasant odors, and allergens consistently throughout the cabin while the system is running, according to Irizar USA President Axier Etxezarreta. He says that 24-volt unit has a negligible impact on energy consumption and is virtually maintenance-free.


Additionally, temperature checks have become another way to protect traveling passengers, and has been considered by the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) as a future screening tool at airports. For coach passengers, Irizar now offers a camera system through its sister company Datik that not only checks for elevated temperature, but also ensures that the passenger is in compliance with a facemask. Before boarding, the passenger is thermally scanned by a camera. Datik specializes in IT safety solutions for transportation as part of the Irizar Group.

Irizar Irizar's driver shield

“It works like a traffic light,” says Etxezarreta. “If the passenger’s temperature is greater than 99.5 F (37.5 C), the screen turns red. In many countries, wearing a facemask is compulsory. If the passenger is not wearing a facemask, the screen displays yellow. The camera also counts the number of passengers as they board to help companies limit the number and ensure social distancing. The information is shared with the driver and can be linked to company’s head office when the vehicle is connected to the net.”

To complement deep cleaning and disinfection of buses after a tour, Irizar also offers an atomizer that releases a mist throughout the cabin that can also infiltrate those hard-to-reach crevices with your EPA-approved solution of choice. The shields can also be cleaned with EPA-approved solutions (a list can be found here).

“As we learn more about the disease, we will continue to develop our products to help keep passengers safe,” Etxezarreta says.

Irizar Datik's camera scans for temperature and facemasks

“The information we have about this virus is very fluid, and we have a technologically savvy team available to develop additional items that may be required for transportation in the future,” says VP of Sales and Marketing Jason Rounsaville.

Irizar, Datik and Hispacold products, all part of the Irizar Group, are sold in more than 95 countries. As this is truly a global pandemic, its research and development teams use data across companies and from leading health organizations all around the world to improve its products and create solutions with COVID-19 in mind. These products will also be available for factory installation on all new I6 models moving forward.

The sales and service teams are available for more information about or installation of any of these products, including on-site installation. Visit or call 916.802.9802 for more information.