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Friday, December 08, 2023
Chosen Payments webinar Feb. 10, 12 noon

The National Limousine Association (NLA) is hosting an exclusive webinar with Chosen Payments President & CEO Jeff Brodsly on Wednesday, February 10 at noon ET.

Moderated by Bill Faeth of Limo University and streamed live on the NLA’s Facebook page, the session will tackle industry trends in the pre- and post-pandemic world along with a frank discussion about what is working (and not) for operators in 2021. As a leading financial partner for the luxury ground transportation industry, Brodsly is able to offer a unique perspective on the current the current state of the industry as well as where things are heading. Click here for direct access to the NLA Facebook page.

Meanwhile, the NLA is still in the process of building a health insurance program for its members that has the potential to save the average operator substantially on their monthly premiums. In order to get the best rates locked in, the NLA Board of Directors is requesting that all interested operators AND any benefit-eligible employees complete a personal healthcare questionnaire. Click here to access the survey.

The site is secure/HIPAA compliant and the information submitted will only be used only by the insurance underwriters to set the NLA rates for the health insurance program. It is vital that the information that is submitted is as accurate as possible so that operators receive the best and most accurate rates.

Please note:

  • Completing the Personal Health Information does not obligate you to participate in the plan, it just allows the underwriters to set the rates.
  • The more companies and individuals that complete the form, the more likelihood of lower rates since the risk is spread across more individuals.
  • This health insurance plan will only be available to NLA members.

Deadline to complete the form for operators and their employees is February 15 for coverage to begin April 1, 2021.

Visit for more information.