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Saturday, December 02, 2023

Lake Success, N.Y.—Back in March, Mosaic Global Transportation’s CEO Maurice Brewster was one of several small businesses featured in a story appearing in The Wall Street Journal about the difficulties encountered by small-business owners—especially those who are minorities—when trying to secure a bank loan. “I had contacted several banks, and they told me they didn’t like the fact that my assets were mobile, and that my national operations use a network of independent affiliates rather than employees,” says Brewster.

Michael Kaplan, vice president and a principal of Advantage Funding, based in Lake Success, N.Y., read the article and took immediate action. “After learning more about his business and discussing various options, we were certain we could offer him a loan.”

Like most businesses, Redwood City, Calif.-based Mosaic took a hit over the last few years, but by the beginning of 2013 the company was back on track, Brewster says, and 2014 points toward a strong increase of 25 percent by the end of this year. Since then Advantage Funding has provided three more loans and a letter of reference for Mosaic’s use when bidding on municipal transportation projects.

“Maurice and Mosaic Global have developed a close relationship with us, because we figured out how to meet his needs,” says Kaplan. “When we talk, it’s not just about a particular financing need, but also about business strategy. We share our knowledge where we feel we can add value. We’re looking for ways to do business, unlike other lenders that present too many hurdles.”

Brewster, meanwhile, is grateful and excited about Mosaic Global’s prospects. “I feel blessed that [Kaplan] read that newspaper article and reached out to me,” he says.

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