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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

On February 10, the Wisconsin Limousine Association (WLA) held its first conference call of the year to discuss regulatory and legislative issues affecting the Midwest. Operators from across the region participated, representing Minnesota, Indiana, Illinois, and of course Wisconsin. WLA President Larry Epstein of Gallant Knight Limousine and Secretary/Treasurer Karen Lotts of A Knight Rider kicked off the meeting after approving the minutes from December’s meeting.

Larry Epstein WLA WLA President Larry Epstein

While the Midwest continues to deal with a relative paucity in work due to the pandemic, the hot-button topic of the call related to Minnesota’s plans to match the carbon emission laws of California, which are the strictest in the country. The state is also pursuing plans to mandate that 50 percent of all car sales be fully electric vehicles. Gus Ortis of Executive Transportation, who is president of the Minnesota Chauffeured Transportation Association, said that various associations from vertical industries (i.e., fuel, car dealers, motorcoach) are working together to halt the extreme legislation.

ILLBA Paula DeBiasi

WLA Director Paula DeBiasi of Chicago Coachworks provided an update on Chicago area happenings, including new tax requirements. Officers are pulling limousines from the pickup lines due to not having current tax numbers for their company and vehicles. DeBiasi advised everyone to get up to date with their tax numbers so they can operate legally within city lines. She also promoted the upcoming Coffee With ILLBA Zoom call on February 16, sponsored by the Illinois Limousine & Bus Association. This month’s meeting features a presentation from regulatory guru Matt Daus of Windels Marx, and is open to all operators.

The National Limousine Association’s (NLA’s) efforts to create a health insurance plan was also discussed, and was met favorably with members on the call. DeBiasi and CD Editor Rob Smentek offered information about the questionnaire the NLA is asking operators to complete to secure optimal rates for the plan.

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