Thursday, October 21, 2021

Webfleet Solutions, a telematics providers and Bridgestone subsidiary, recently launched WEBFLEET Video into the market. With the technology of Webfleet Solutions and Lytx, a global provider of video telematics solutions for fleets, integrated on one platform, users can access and manage both their vehicles and their in-vehicle cameras from a single interface. 

Road-facing and optional cabin-facing HD dashcam event footage is displayed alongside driving data to give users the full context of road incidents. Users can request video from a specific time and position of a previous trip or instantly livestream from the road, to take action immediately when an incident occurs. 


Accompanying WEBFLEET Video is the CAM 50 dashcam. This hardware uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to automatically identify risky behavior such as distracted driving and mobile phone usage. When it does so, it notifies the driver with a visual and audio alert, helping them avoid dangerous situations.

“For the fleets we serve, safeguarding drivers is crucial,” says Webfleet Solutions Director of U.S. Sales Matt Gunzenhauser. “And the more accurate a picture you have of what’s occurring on the road, the more protection you can give them. This is what WEBFLEET Video delivers. With footage from the road, drivers get both clear examples of how they can drive safer. It further provides evidence to protect them if they’re targeted by a fraudulent claim.”


“AI takes things a step further,” continues Gunzenhauser. “Rather than just reacting to incidents that already happened, it proactively prevents dangerous situations from developing in the first place. And it does so accurately. It utilises algorithms that are based on Lytx’s more than 20 years of high-quality data collection to deliver 95 percent accuracy on motion alerts.”

As well as keeping drivers safe, WEBFLEET Video is also designed to respect their privacy and help fleets meet the demands of their region’s privacy legislation. For example, users can configure the driver-facing camera to be on or off or turn on privacy suppressed mode so events will not be retrieved from the device. The dashcam is also delivered with a special cap to close the cabin facing camera if needed.

“With WEBFLEET Video, we provide a truly best-in-class video telematics solution,” says Gunzenhauser. “Our goal is to empower fleets to effectively increase safety, lower insurance premiums and reduce vehicle downtime.” 

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