Driving Transactions
Tuesday, July 23, 2024

San Francisco, Calif.—For decades, service providers have been trusted to do their jobs in a prompt and timely manner.  Operating a vehicle in the hostile environments that the fleets operate under is continually changing and presenting new safety and liability challenges.

Fortunately, the price for new cutting-edge technology has come down significantly, and allows service providers to use onboard recording devices to record and monitor data pertinent to the driving experience. Service providers can utilize devices that track driving behaviors like speed and sudden stops, as well as record conversations and accidents, to protect their fleets from litigation and misinformed accusations. It has become increasingly evident that providers simply should not operate without a system with such capabilities.

CD0814 Planet Halo Planet Halo Video Station Planet Halo, Inc has developed the PH-4 mobile recording device, designed to protect companies, fleet operators, pedestrians, and drivers alike. After all, even with the most stringent precautions and the highest safety standards in place, accidents are never 100% preventable. Without a system like the PH-4 to document the driving experience and gather evidence, a single accident could cause unimaginable legal damage even if the driver was not at fault. In addition, the PH-4 is also excellent for improving driver behavior, as it collects information on driving speed, braking patterns, idling time, route selection, and even cell phone use.

While there are many recording devices on the market, the PH-4 is the first of its kind to incorporate the use of up to 4 cameras in one self-contained module. This makes for a system of components that is both streamlined and unobtrusive, and allows for quick installation (30 minutes). With a small main unit that fits comfortably near the rearview mirror without hindering driving, the PH-4 requires no mounting, heavy drilling, or intensive wirework for installation. So, while service providers can utilize a third-party installer if desired, it is by no means necessary.

The PH-4’s many features not only allows for maximum efficiency and reliability in protecting users, but also makes the system a great financial investment. At a fraction of the price demanded by competitors and without compromising quality, the PH-4 offers 720p video-recording, a speed accelerometer, G-Sensors (to track impact and sudden events), a route tracker that is viewed via Google Earth, a route tracker viewed via GPS, as well as speed, location, and audio recording. Its integrated port allows for the use of additional external cameras, external hard drives, and WiFi. Video, mapping, and audio data are stored on the onboard SD card or external hard drive, and during viewing, users are able to zoom, alter audio levels, and playback videos.

For additional information, send an email to  info@planethalo.com or call 650.832.1057.