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Friday, May 24, 2024

The health and safety of your passengers has never been more important, and the scientific community is learning new ways every day to clean and disinfect public spaces. To keep the business community up to date, the EPA is holding a free webinar on August 12 at 1:00 p.m. ET called COVID-19: Aerosol Treatment Devices & Ozone Disinfection.


This session will address the latest methods that are available to businesses: EPA researchers are currently evaluating the efficacy of different types of aerosol treatment technologies in reducing airborne concentrations using a large-scale test chamber and a standardized testing approach. Conducting this research at a sufficiently large-scale with a recirculating HVAC system provides EPA and the public with an independent source of efficacy information that can be more reliably translated to real-world settings. Researchers are establishing protocols for evaluating efficacy of aerosol treatment products to help facilitate cross-technology comparisons.

Additionally, alternative methods that supplement regular cleaning and disinfection are being investigated by EPA researchers for their use in the ongoing COVID pandemic. Ozone fumigation has been identified as a potential method for disinfection of surfaces contaminated with the COVID virus. This webinar will discuss results from evaluating the efficacy of such methods and real-world application.

Register for the webinar via Zoom here.